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Terminal City: TV Series Theme Music


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Original music composed by Schaun Tozer and Ben Mink

Wikipedia: Terminal City (TV series)
Terminal City was a Canadian mini-series about a woman (Maria del Mar) diagnosed with breast cancer while running a failing reality tv show turning it into a hit as her life and body begin to change.

Originally conceived as a feature film, this 10 part series originally ran from October 17, 2005 to December 19, 2005.

IMDb: Terminal City (2005)
A woman diagnosed with breast cancer, takes over an ailing reality show, turning it into a hit as her body and life begin to change.

TV.Com: Terminal City
This unique ten-part Canadian miniseries focuses on a woman, her family, and the people around her dealing with a terminal illness. Katie, a normal women from the silent suburb, is called one day to the hospital, concerning tests. After hearing the bad news, she mistakenly run into the filiming area of a Reality-Show that is airing live from the hospital. Influented by her mood, she starts telling jokes to the team, making herself the star of the show. In addition, Katie has to deal with her own family, where everyone is pulled to another direction.

official web site: Terminal City
Not picking up the phone means you don't have to hear the bad news: you've got a lump in your breast. And that's exactly what Katie Sampson has — a tumour — along with a loving husband, a difficult father-in-law who survived Auschwitz (and will make sure you never forget it), a rebellious daughter, a teenage son who worships pot and older women, and a seven year-old who's obsessed with God and death.

D-Day: right after having a core biopsy performed on her right breast, Katie runs into an ailing reality TV show, broadcasting live from the hospital. Katie cracks joke after joke (under the circumstances, what else is she going to do?), and stuns the TV world. In fact, she's born for TV and ends up taking over the show.

official web site: Schaun Tozer

Wikipedia: Ben Mink

Some personal notes
I enjoyed the series. Quirky, funny and oh so poignant as a woman has her life cut short by breast cancer. It made me think about the fragility of life and how ephemeral my stay on this planet truly is.

As with the other TV themes I've been showcasing, this one well captured the mood of the story: the sadness, the frantic pace of living and the reflection about it all.


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