Monday, 5 June 2017

Nicolas Deveaux, French animator

Vimeo: 5 mètres 80 from Nicolas Deveaux
Almost 10 years after "7 tonnes 2" a short film featuring an elephant on a trampoline. I wanted to make a sequel, this time with giraffes ... The creation of this film is spread over 1 year and a half.

official web site: Nicolas Deveaux Autor-Director
As an author director, I combine a passion for imagery with one for animals. After I got my degree at l’Ecole supérieure d’infographie “Supinfocom” in 2003, I started out with a short film “7 tonnes 2” featuring a realist champion elephant jumping on a trampoline at Cube creative. The film got a good reception across the Web and in festivals enabling me to move on to direction. Working mainly at Cube, my films range from documentary (“Sea Rex” : Imax relief, “Le paresseux géant” : TV docu) to advertising (Kinder, Okay Lotus, Lipton, SuperCroix…) and theme parks ‘”Cité de la Mer “in Biarritz, “EANA” in Normandy…) and TV identification ‘France 3 summer 2013.

Vimeo: films by Nicolas Deveaux

Vimeo: 7 tonnes 2 from Nicolas Deveaux
A year after school (Supinfocom 2002) I started out at Cube with a short “7tonnes2” (the weight of a big elephant). It is also the only mammal which cannot jump ! The film was in many festivals around the world.

Wikipedia: History of French animation
The history of French animation is one of the longest in the world, as France has created some of the earliest animated films dating back to the late 19th century, and invented many of the foundational technologies of early animation.


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