Friday 27 May 2022

Florian Seraul: Change The Course Of The Futur

Published on Dec 28/2023 by Florian Seraul - Topic
YouTube: Change The Course Of The Futur (2:53)
from the album Future Piano


web site: Tiny Music (Florian Seraul)
Florian Seraul composes emotionally charged, evocative music that transports his audience. He skilfully blends textures with well-crafted melodies to build organic, visual tracks that create the perfect sonic accompaniment. With a roster of high-profile clients, including Google, Dior and Tesla, Florian and his deliberate, textural music are in high demand. In 2019, he recorded with an 18-piece orchestra for PremiumBeat at London’s prestigious Air Studios. Shining through Florian’s work is his indie sensibility, with influences such as the films of Sofia Coppola, Spike Jonze and Michel Gondry evident in his cinematic style. Florian primarily creates contemporary scores and electro-pop music. In 2019 Florian won the PMA Music Award for Best Ambient Minimalist track.

YouTube channel: Florian Seraul

Soundcloud: Florian Seraul

Facebook: Tiny Music Studio - Music by Florian Seraul
Tiny Music crafts memorable, aspirational, intricate melodies and soundscapes that connect images to emotions and experiences. By shaping together boutique tunes that invoke visual serenity tinted with a distinctive Montreal underground indie edge, Tiny Music creates the perfect sonic discourse to flow with your moving images.


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