Sunday 27 June 2010

The OMG-20 Summit at Toronto: pictures & video

Saturday, June 20, 2010

5pm: Queen Street West near Spadina
Apparently the crowd grew, the police officers felt threaten and abandoned their cars. The crowd then vandalized the cars, smashing out most of the windows and hitting and jumping on the cars. After a while, some people in the crowd lit paper on fire and threw it into the first car eventually causing it to catch on fire.

The police did move in and take control of the area including bringing in firetrucks to put out the car. However, they left both cars there and later on around 8pm, the crowd then set the other car on fire.

Video of the burning police car

3pm: Starbucks: Queen Street West and John Street
My wife and I were watching the television station CP24 who have studios right at the corner. A cameraman was out on the street and captured images of Black Bloc people smashing windows and such. Here is the Starbucks at the corner of John and Queen.

3pm: The Bank of Nova Scotia: Queen Street West and McCaul
As we watched CP24, we saw masked men use boards, rocks and in one case a hammer to smash not only the windows, but the screens of the ATMs.

3pm: Starbucks: Queen Street and Bay
Let's target multi-national companies?

7pm: Riot police: Queen Street West and Soho Street
This is happening right beside my own condo building.

3pm: Clearing Queen Street
Video shot from my 8th floor balcony. The intersection of John Street and Queen Street became a flashpoint when protesters tried to turn south from Queen onto John. Some groups had broadcast their intention of trying to tear down the 1st perimeter fence and the police had no intention of letting them near it. As a consequence, a lot happened right in front of my balcony.


My Complete Photos and Videos of the OMG-20

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Aftermath and Afterthoughts


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Interesting pictures and video. The last video looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Thanks for your posting.