Tuesday 26 October 2010

Fuck Cancer

In Vancouver, one young 23 year old has thought up a novel and controversial way of fighting cancer. Yael Cohen who had to go through her own mother's surgery for breast cancer felt the saying best captured her emotions as she sat in the hospital. She has started a charity called Fuck Cancer which has so far raised $250,000. However, the expression has also raised the ire of certain people who feel the expression is obscene. Ms. Cohen has countered by saying that this is using the F word to combat the C word.

The slogan which appears on T-shirts, cycling jerseys and stickers sold on the charity's web site is getting attention. Cohen has said it's a chance to get the attention of generation Y, the younger people for whom the phrase is not so obscene but who also need to be better aware of cancer. Nevertheless, there has been something of a battle with a local merchant who is selling the merchandise and displaying it. Some people have demanded that the F word be censored in any displays and the merchant has complied by covering up part of the word. Others have told the merchant to uncover the word so he has found himself in a bit of an impasse.

To point out how things may be changing for the better, the Vancouver Sun reported that Ms. Cohen, who works in industrial relations, was invited last summer to the White House as part of The Next Generation Leaders Conference. Apparently the official invitation not only mentioned the F*** Cancer, but the White House printed it without the benefit of asterisks.

Check out the official web site and Facebook to read why the expression "Fuck Cancer" and just what the mission is.


Wikipedia: Yael Cohen
A former finance professional, Cohen launched the organization Fuck Cancer in 2009 after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fuck Cancer speaks directly to Gen Y about early detection, prevention and the cancer experience. Cohen has developed a reputation within the health and wellness community as a leader in leveraging digital media for healthy living education.

official web site: Fuck Cancer

Facebook: Fuck Cancer

Twitter: @letsfcancer


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