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The end of life as we know it
Ashley Madison: You lyin’ cheatin’ bastard!
Divorce: Finally, the Other Side of the Story
Divorce: An oddity about Infidelity
Divorce is Forever
Divorce: Ya gotta laugh (it beats sobbing uncontrollably)
Divorce: What's the other side of the story?
Divorce: I am never getting married again
Thinking out loud: Marriage as a Business
Christmas 2012: Home Alone 3
When is divorce like a Doberman Pinscher?
Negotiating: Take what you want or get what you want
Divorced: It's over. Or is it?
Divorce: Why I'm Better Off Dead
Divorce: Putting People in the Middle
Divorce, Rationalisation and Joseph Mengele
Lack of sex: Not just divorced but fined!
The Psycho Ex Wife: ex bashing taken to the next level
NPD: Diagnosing that @#$%^* bastard
Why did that @#$%^* bastard divorce me?
Men are just a bunch of @#$%^* sex addicts!
Nostalgia, divorce: You can't go home again
If the situation had been reversed...
Father's Day: the rehabilitation of a fallen man
The War of the Divorcées
Funny quotes about marriage (and divorce)
Laura Munson: Save a marriage by doing nothing
Raoul Felder: The Good Divorce
Divorce: Love yourself to love others
Divorce: The first offer is usually the best
Marriage doesn't have to last forever to be good
Sharyn Wolf's divorce: a heart surgeon can have a heart attack
Divorce mistakes to avoid
Midlife Crisis: Weiner-Davis vs Craig Ferguson
Michele Weiner-Davis: The Divorce Buster
Two-thirds of divorces are filed by women
Tricia Walsh: Let's divorce on YouTube!
Blogging your way through divorce
The Bitter Divorcée
Perils of Divorced Pauline
Postcards From a Peaceful Divorce
Does divorce make us happier?

My take on a taboo subject
Bobbie Morgan (1964-2015): A Good Woman's Dirty Mind
Transgender: State of the Union with John Oliver
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Sex Education
Christopher Ryan: Are we designed to be sexual omnivores?
Circumspect About Circumcision
Oral Sex: The Gold Standard of Sexual Intimacy
Prostitution: People, people, people, what are we doing?
May is National Masturbation Month
How old is too old for sex?
A motion for masturbation - the naked truth: Jane Langton
Gigolos, Escorts, and This Is About Me.
Lamenting the loss of the "non-innocence" of youth
Shaved pussies, pubescent girls, and creepy guys
Veronica Monet: Sex Secrets of Escorts: What Men Really Want
Slut Shaming Women Who Have Sex
Desirability: Don't we all just want to be wanted?
Pauline Gaines and the Economy of Sex
Sex: Are women lousy lovers?
Albert Einstein and the Theory of (Sexual) Relativity
Sex: Are men lousy lovers?
Why Do We Repress Our Sexuality?
Sex: What are the neighbours doing?
The Sex, The Whole Sex, and Nothing But The Sex
Beta Male. Beta what?
Sex Ed: Karen B. K. Chan
Erotica vs. Pornography: What's the difference?
Esther Perel: Is this woman on to something?
Always let the other person speak first
The Flip Side: Valentine's Day
The Flip Side: What if the guys and gals switched positions?
Zestra: as close to a female aphrodisiac as you can get
Talking to kids about sex: Condoms
Talking to kids about sex: Okay, how did I learn?
In Praise of Older Women
Whether I'm crazy or not depends on the company I keep (2012)
What the @#$%^* do I know about sex?
What's up with high heels?
Sex: What men want. Okay, what I want.
50 Shades of I'm getting lucky tonight!
Planned Parenthood: addicting children to sex!!!
Condoms don't work. Okay, how 'bout a baggie?
Jane Fonda, Yogi Berra and Grey Sex
AskMen: Great Male Survey 2011
Erectile dysfunction or just not sexually aroused
Whether I'm crazy or not depends on the company I keep
Men value snuggling, women value sex
Sex: A billion wicked thoughts
Sex fantasies make for better sex lives
Happy Guys Finish Last
2011 Playboy Sex Survey
Those who post lots of photos on Facebook seek attention
Men are always ready, willing, and able
Sex: Facials are stupid
Davy Rothbart cums to a conclusion
Sex Ed: Tracey Cox
The Well Heeled Cook: Food as a sensual part of sex
Men want marriage more than women?
Sex Ed: Betty Dodson: educator, author, pro-sex feminist
Teenagers and sex: More chaste, less chased
Men can be creeps
Romance Novels: porn for women
Men stare at women. Who knew?
Single people: alone but not necessarily lonely
Dating: Are women shallower than men?
The Average Life Expectancy Of A Porn Star by Rev. Daniel R. Jennings
Roxy aka Shelley Lubben vs. the (porn) world
Sex: And the #1 reason why men cheat is...
Sex: The Coolidge Effect and why men are men
Sex in a Digital Age
The Me Marriage
Sex in America
Dating: Women react to romantic songs
Marriage: Having our lives witnessed
Alone: My New Year's Resolution
Relationships: Spending Christmas and the holidays alone
Relationships: The Power of Touch
Sex on Facebook and Twitter
What do men want?
Men are visual
Sex for Women: to vibrate or not to vibrate
Sex Ed: Dr. Laura Berman
Over 50, over the hill?
Men fake it too : What? We can?
Sex Ed: Violet Blue
Sex Ed: Scarleteen
Sex Ed: Sue Johanson
Cindy Gallop: Make Love Not Porn
Censorship: Kill me but no sex please
Carnography: Vegetarians need not apply
Still Dirty After All These Years
Ballroom Dancing: A metaphor for men and women?
I'm a man and you're a... Well, a slut. There, I said it.
Men Are From Mars Yes, we certainly can be weird.
Cleavage Luv it, but there is a time and a place.
1% vs. 99% Amount of sex vs. importance of sex

My investigative series on a controversial topic
An investigation: summary of the series
* Statistics Laundering
* How much is there?
* Searching for what?
* What is it?
* Does it lead to crime?
* Defended by... what!?! Feminists?
* Who buys the most? Conservatives!
* Does it lead to crime? Part 2
* I'm confused
* Is it an addiction?
* My conclusions

Women's Issues
How could I not weigh in on this one?
Women Shaming Women: a Lack of Self-Confidence
I’m a 62-Year-Old Man and I’m Invisible
Women Earn Less Than Men: True or False?
BuzzFeed: Women's Ideal Body Types Throughout History
Hobby Lobby Schmobby Lobby
No leggings, girls. You’re driving us boys wild.
Legal Slut Shaming
The Sexy Lie: Caroline Heldman
Size Zero: What the heck?
Boys Will Be Boys (or However We Make Them)
March 8, 2013: International Women's Day
Steubenville Rape Case: It could be your daughter.
Cruelty knows no bounds
Sheila Kelley: Let's Get Naked: TED Talk
How to avoid sexual assault: stop dressing like a whore
Are girls meaner than boys?
Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders
Double Standard: Why is female on male abuse funny?
Saturday, April 28, 2012: Unite Against The War On Women
An open letter to (older) women about body image
Slutwalk: Support our sluts!
Justice Robert Dewar: rape is inconsiderate
Men aren't violent and I'll kill you if you disagree
The Great Debate: seat up or seat down?
Honour Killings: new term, old idea
Marc Lépine: in remembrance of December 6, 1989
Because I Am a Girl
The Face of Anti-Abortionists: Neal Horsley
Anti-Abortionists: Murder by proxy
Spousal Support
Cruelty seems to know no bounds
Abortion: My final word on unwanted pregnancy
Abortion: If we make it illegal, the problem will go away
God Hates Women
Merkin: a special something for those special occasions
Be Dazzling With Vajazzling

My $0.02
I just had to give my opinion
Robin Williams: How Should We Face the End?
62: 10, 9, 8…
Whirlpool Jet Boat
The Expert
Falling birth rate? Let's have a baby competition!
Sex, Parenting, Life: Do we know what we're doing?
What I Am Thankful For: Going For A Walk
61 down, 19 to go
My bungee jump in two words: Oh... my... God...
I'm waiting with baited breath
Miley Cyrus, Twerking, and Slut Shaming
#Slanegirl: sex, (double) standards, and sluts
Why don't you go f**k yourself?
Anthony Weiner Redux: Outed to the World
Jenny McCarthy: Concerned Mother, Conspiracy Theorist
Body Image: Being comfortable with yourself
What if George Zimmerman didn't have a gun?
Plagiarism in Rock Music: What? Led Zeppelin?
Jet Pack: Move Over James Bond
2013: I'm lucky to be Canadian
Wedge Shoes: Ladies, we need to have a talk
What are the epistemological implications of indeterminacy?
Telecommuting, Marissa Mayer, and Working Mommies
3.14 reasons to celebrate Pi Day (March 14, 2013)
The Tobacco Smoke Enema: Blowing smoke up my... what? Really?
Marissa Mayer: Has the smoke cleared yet?
I am Canadian
I'm 60. Now what?
Amanda Todd: The cruelty in all of us
Edge what walk are you crazy?
Managing Your Personal Finances
What to do with the rest of your life
Aaron Sorkin: The Newsroom
The Avengers, Adoption and an Asgardian Firestorm
What the @#$%^* do I know about politics?
What the @#$%^* do I know?
Suite Bergamasque, Focal Dystonia and Jack Daniels
OMG! I've turned into a Castle junkie!
Reward Points: Ain't life grand?
Anonymity and the freedom to do anything
The Internet and anonymity: the good, the bad and the (unknown) ugly
ORM: Your online reputation is the history of your life
Anonymous on the Net: Not!
On-line, oh so not private and busted
Ellen Jong: The body as performance art
Nick Vujicic: What can I complain about?
Paraprosdokian? A skin rash needing some ointment?
William Shatner, McGill U., and Discovery (videos)
Grand Rapids, Michigan ain't dying! (video)
Cool Beans
The highs and lows of going viral
My shrink worries about my manliness
Michael Jackson: still dead but working hard
Christwire, satire and anal bleach
You're never too old to be juvenile
Rally Race Car Crashes (video)
15 Signs You'll Be Rich
Outlawing bodily functions
The Internet: Are we addicted? Or just dumb?
The Great Debate: Toilet paper over the roll or under
Do Nothing for 2 Minutes
January 28, 1986, 11:38am: Oh, that's what an O-ring is for!
Music: I want to take you higher
Wikipedia is 10 years old
Luck: Preparation meets Opportunity
My 15 Minutes of Fat
Alone: My New Year's Resolution
Salman Hossain: Our favourite Jew-hater is back!
Gaza: An escalation of violence
The Toronto Subway: The Better Poop... er, Way
Flash Mob
Top Words for 2010
Press any key to continue
Immaculate Congestion
Internet TV
58 down, 23 to go
Would Skinner have owned a Blackberry?
Damn toilet
Green coal?
Your dog just bite me!
Parachuting: If God had meant me to...
I suck; you suck; we all suck. What!?!
My 15 minutes are not up!
Zipcars: the way of my future
Your an idiot

Theatre Reviews
Live and on stage
Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament
Priscilla Queen of the Dessert
Rock of Ages

Ya gotta take care of yourself!
Acupuncture, Shams, and Superstition
Health: Exercise, Kinesiology, and Trying to find my Groove
Health: One Year Later, One Year Lost
Health: The Psychology of Getting Well: Real or bogus?
Health: Hope truly springs eternal
Health: There's a knife sticking out of my shoulder
Health: W8NC, a vague next step
Health: Pascal's Wager and Desperation
Health: Advocating for yourself because nobody cares
Health: Learning more than I really wanted to
Health: You don't know what you've got till it's gone
Health: Life comes to a dead halt
Living alone: the dangers of RSI
Jack Layton and Our Prostates
Gettin' old, man boobs and Vladimir Putin
An apple a day keeps the doctor at bay
Don't worry, be happy. You'll be healthier and live longer.
Codependency: we're in this together
Aspirin: good for what doesn't ail you
Vitamin D: the sunshine vitamin
Barb Tarbox (and my mother): bigger warnings on cigarettes
Macular Degenration: a problem I can't see
Where the sun don't shine: my colonoscopy
My Prostate: something near and dear to me
F*** Cancer
Living alone: the dangers of BPPV
Focal Dystonia: focal what?
Run for your lives! Literally.
Alcoholism: I'll drink to that!
Hot Dogs: Worth their weight in salt... literally!

Yep, my home town
How many bullets do you need to stop an 18-year-old teenager?
Rob Ford and His Legacy: Okay, now I'm scared.
Rob Ford: Alcoholic Thinking and a Gullible Public
Rob Ford: Where there's smoke
What the @#$%^* do I know about Rob Ford?
Rob Ford or the public: Now who's dumber?
Rob Ford: Cut taxes. Oops, no money for TTC
Rob Ford: Can I count on this man?
Rob Ford drops the bag... er, ball
TTC strike: each day costs $50 million. What!?!
TTC: Essential Service vs. the Right to Strike
Rob Ford: Let the show begin!
Toronto Mayoral Debate: This is it folks!

We all gotta eat, right?
The Krispy Kreme Burger: gag me with a spoon
Coffee: our favourite drug
Food: The Cook in Heels
Macaroni and Cheese: 30 days, 30 ways
Turducken: tur-what-in (the heck)?
My "Dream" Cherry Cheesecake
Boiling spaghetti: to salt or not to salt

Oh brother, here I go! Up on the soapbox!
Bernie Sanders on the real issue about Donald Trump
Why I’m not writing about politics: I’m bored.
The 2016 Presidential Race and The GOP Nominations
Just because you can doesn't mean you should
One Man's Hospital Bill, One Nation's Dilemma
Shutdown 2013 with Bill Moyers, Jason Jones,
  Noelle Nikpour, and Gina Loudon

America: f**ked, crazy, and now f**kin' crazy
John Green: Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?
Freedom = no rules. No rules = anarchy.
Two plus two equals five
Why are we talking about gay marriage?
Freedom of Religion: I am free to believe what you want
Why we don't believe the facts
Alex Jones: Just how nutty is the far far right?
Sandy Hook: What if it was your child?
Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends
Election 2012: Rhetoric, rhetoric, rhetoric! Where's the truth?
If you're a woman, this is why you should vote Democrat
Why am I trying to convince you to vote for Obama?
Media Bias: We can never know the truth
Election 2012: Down to the wire: I've made up my mind
I've been on food stamps and welfare, did anyone help me out? No.
Romney caught on video: 47% of Americans are Losers
Mitt Romney, Lung Cancer, and Common Knowledge
Dear Republicans: You ought to be ashamed of yourselves
America Is Number One... Not!
Mitt Romney tweets: America is not number one
Guns: as American as apple pie
The 2012 Democratic Platform: Yes you still can
Republicans have become Vagina Nazis
The Right isn't wrong, they're nuts
The 2012 Republican Platform: Are ya scared yet?
Republicans want crackdown on pornography? But they buy the most!
Obama is a big time spender... Not!!!
Politics: It's not about doing the right thing, it's about winning.
Rape? No problem! Women must have an orgasm to get pregnant.
Is the right answer counterintuitive? (Part Deux)
Is the right answer counterintuitive? Part 1
Obamacare: Congratulations on doing the right thing, America!
Troy Michigan, Fahrenheit 451 and The Tea Party
Obama is destroying America: We're doomed!
Stephen Colbert: And the #1 threat in America: terrorist furniture!
Dear JPMorgan: The speed limit is 60 mph
Rush Limbaugh: That's spelled with one F and one U
Occupy Wall Street
She's here to help: Michele Bachmann, at your cervix
Radical Islam: The (supposed) threat to America
Donald Rumsfeld, 9/11 and the war on terror
Rick Perry and Sex Education: Abstinence works!
Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Casey Anthony, O.J. and Steven Truscott
England's Riots: Anarchy in the U.K.
Was George W. Bush the worst president ever?
Rick Perry, the NAR and the Rapture of Morons
All the rich are not billionaires: Shame on you, Warren Buffett!
Obama is a worthless piece of...
Michele Bachmann and the far, far, far, far, far right
If I can pay, the rich can pay
Michele Bachmann, a Corn Dog and the Oral Office
Michele Bachmann: the next president of the WTH!?!
Bill Maher compares GOP to Casey Anthony trial: July 9, 2011
The burden of proof: Casey Anthony, not guilty
June is Takei Pride Month
Bradley Manning: Hero or Traitor?
Pamela Madsen, Jack Layton, and an erotic massage
To those who are about to kill, we salute you
The Halton Catholic School Board: a "gay" anachronism
Catholic school disciplines pro-choice student
Jenny Peto and Baruch Goldstein
Arizona: Politics by 9mm Glock
Bibi Aisha: from the Taliban to Time Magazine
George W. Bush: Memoirs of the Decider
Lies, Deception and The (My) Truth
Freedom of Speech: freedom to say anything?
Sarah Palin: Refudiate this!

Movie Reviews
Gawd, who doesn't love the movies? Escapism!
La La Land: I shed a tear: a love story with song and dance.
Mad Max: Fury Road: My review: go see Danny Collins
Ex Machina: Thought-provoking science fiction
Avengers: Age of Ultron: My review: go see Danny Collins
Danny Collins: I enjoyed it and why not? Al Pacino!
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: Serviceable, meaning okay, just okay
August: Osage County: Black comedy drama: terrific acting
Enemy of the State (1998): Good spy/action adventure
Dallas Buyers Club: True story about AIDS; great movie
Nebraska: A terrific intimate portrait of small town U.S.A.
Saving Mr. Banks: Great story
The Wolf of Wall Street: Ha, ha. Great Ya gotta see this!
12 Years a Slave: Look for this at the Oscars
American Hustle: Fabulous. Great fun.
Movie Preview: Jupiter Ascending: The Wachowskis: July 18/2014
her: Love with a computer: pretty good
Destino: The collaboration of Walt Disney and Salvador Dali: 58 years later
Captin Phillips: An excellent, compelling nail-biter
Enough Said: A warm, amusing look at middleage romance
Gravity: A must see in IMAX 3D
Un Chien Andalou: What the hell was that?
Prisoners: Dark. Brooding. Good.
Riddick: Just so-so
The World's End: Ha ha ha ha ha!
2 Guns: Good craftsmanship. Rental
Blue Jasmine: Fabulous. Woody Allen, Cate Blanchett. Wow.
Elysium: Good. Not great but good.
The Wolverine: Okay. But just okay.
Pacific Rim: Good lord! And I don't mean that in a good way.
Frances Ha: Woody Allenesque seriocomedy: 91%
World War Z: Serviceable, apparently not at all like the book
Man of Steel: So-so: 57%
Mud: Excellent. Like 99% excellent.
Fast & Furious 6: Hated it. Others give it 72%. Go figure.
Star Trek Into Darkness: Good, solid, but same old
Iron Man 3: Good solid entertainment
Oblivion: So-so but visually stunning
A Good Day To Die Hard: 13%: two words: don't bother
Zero Dark Thirty: A must see slice of history
Silver Lining Playbook: Quirky, odd, good
The Last Stand: Sorry, Arnold. It's no good.
Django Unchained: Terrific. Gory, but great
Jack Reacher: So-so
Skyfall: All right!!! (That means good)
Looper: Good. Like 93% good.
Dredd 3D: Body count: 100 plus. That's good, right?
Premium Rush: Bicycle parkour! Good movie
The Expendables 2: less than a B movie
Total Recall: better than the negative reviews
The Bourne Legacy: a serviceable continuation to the series
Hope Springs: Tender, sweet, and funny. A warning to all of us
The Dark Knight Rises: Good. Like really good.
Preview: Skyfall: 23rd Bond, 50th Anniversary, and 2nd Queen Elizabeth
Preview: Django Unchained by Quentin Tarantino
Take This Waltz: Small, charming character study
Savages: B movie
Ted: Quite funny
The Intouchables: Touching
Hysteria: Enjoyable and thought provoking
Prometheus: Good, not great but good
Men in Black 3: Okay. I guess.
The Avengers: Good comic book stuff
Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: Dark, brooding, good
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Dark, mysterious, excellent
Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol: Wow. In IMAX: double wow.
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows: Good fun
Shame: Excellent but disturbing
The Descendants: Excellent: 91%
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol: Preview: My next adrenaline fix
Ra.One: Wait until it comes on TV
Moneyball: Excellent: It knocks it out of the park!
Real Steel: Maybe if I was 14 and played with toys
The Ides of March: Good film, superb acting
Killer Elite: Saturday night rental
50/50: The big C with humour
Drive: I say good; others say great
The Devil's Double: You just can't look away
Contagion: Good: 82%
The Debt: Good: 77%
The Guard: Excellent
Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Good. 80% good!
The Trip: 2 guys talking. Yep, just talking. But hilarious!!!
Cowboys and Aliens: Not bad. Odd but not bad.
Crazy, Stupid, Love.: Terrific! Loved it!
Captain America: The First Avenger: Good blockbuster action adventure
Friends With Benefits: Formula but still enjoyable
Horrible Bosses: Good. Not great, but good
Beginners: A pleasant surprise
Larry Crowne: Nope, doesn't work
Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Beat you into submission
The Tree of Life: Arty, good, but long
Green Lantern: *slaps forehead* Bad
Bridesmaids: Much better than you would think.
Super 8: Good fun
Kung Fu Panda 2: Excellent family fun
Midnight in Paris: OMG! It's fabulous and it's Paris!
X-Men: First Class: competent entertainment
Potiche: Comme ci comme ça
Certified Copy: intriguing, intimate
Fast Five: Good thrill ride
Thor: Not bad... (ringing endorsement?)
Hanna: Don't bother
The Lincoln Lawyer: I enjoyed this
Source Code: Okay
The Adjustment Bureau: Not bad
Limitless: Terrific premise
Oscars 2011: my recap, my reviews
Another Year: Great character study
Blue Valentine: Excellent, poignant
Movie Preview: Orgasm Inc.
The King's Speech : Excellent
Barney's Version: Terrific
True Grit: Terrific
Tron: Legacy: preview: excited; movie: not so excited
Love and Other Drugs: So-so
Tangled: Holy cow!
The Tourist: What!?!
Megamind: Not bad
Movie Preview: Tron: Legacy: I'm excited
Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer: fascinating
Unstoppable: ok
Fair Game: good
Carlos: an excellent slice of history
Handsome Harry: well done
Inside Job: See this movie!
Jackass 3D: This is my 15 minutes?
Lovely Still: lovely
Red: okay, formula
Easy A: a pleasant surprise
Waiting for Superman: thought-provoking
The Social Network: excellent!
Machete: Why?
The Town: good
Money Never Sleeps: Had to see it. Good
Resident Evil: Afterlife: Kill me
The American: Well done
The Expendables: formula
Eat Pray Love: Eat, Pray, Loath?
Despicable Me in 3D: good
Salt: not enough spice
Toy Story 3 in 3D: Good as always
Inception: My Dream Critique

Here's me off on a tangent
Conspiracy: one man's truth, another man's lunacy
We always come back to Hitler
Extremism and Extremist
Is Dearborn, Michigan an Islamic state?
Can Canada's Stockwell Day count?
Gee, can the U.S.'s Sarah Palin count?

Some fun/interesting places
Voluntourism: see the world and do some good
Sedona: Hot Air Ballooning

The OMG-20 Summit: June 2010
I was there! Yes, right at the front lines!
In defence of Officer Bubbles
Toronto: New Arrests over G20 Vandalism
Complete photos and videos
The Aftermath, the Afterthoughts
Sunday, June 27 : It's over
Saturday, June 26 : I'm shocked. Here?
Friday, June 25 : I'll show you

A brave new world
Science: We've given erections where before there were none.
3D Printing: The Star Trek replicator is here?
My Gmail was hacked!
Safer Internet Day: February 5, 2013
Nomophobia: nomo what?
Adobe Flash Update: I'm infected! And I'm an idiot!
Alan Turing, my Commodore 64, and a trip down memory lane
Deus Ex: Human Revolution
Eyeborg: The Six Thousand Dollar Man
June 8, 2011: World IPv6 Day
Sat Mar 19/2011: It's a "super full moon"!
Earth Hour: 60 minutes to make a difference
The Internet Is Full
Gorilla walks like a man
Weird: Hippo licks croc, saves impala (videos)
Solar Winds: sail to the stars
Planet Earth: 7 billion people in 2011
Hans Rosling: The Joy of Stats
Astronomy 2 for 1: Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclipse

Is that lint in my belly button?
When I get the news, how will I react?
Lover of God
The finite life: Are we are meant to die?
Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else
What the @#$%^* do I know about religion?
Vyckie Garrison: No Longer Quivering
The Force, George Lucas and Arthur Lipsett
Steve Jobs (1955-2011): Our Time is Limited
Immortality: simply by doing one great thing
Optimism: We're hardwired to ignore defeat
May 21: The end of the world (Afterword May 22)
What's wrong with the world? Women wearing pants!
Life Explained (sort of)
God does "not" help those who help themselves
A hundred years from now it won't matter
Passion: Can you live without it?
Scientology: Tom makes good movies
Poor Me
I met a man with no feet
How long is a day to God?
Conversations With God

Books / Writing
Between the covers, between the lines
NaNoWriMo 2013 and some thoughts about writing
NaNoWriMo 2012: 50 in 26. Now what?
NaNoWriMo *slaps forehead* Oh my God, not that!
Jack Daniels: a nice whiskey, a nice company
Blogging: What the heck are we all doing?
NaNoWriMo: My 30, ah, 18 days of writing madness
NaNoWriMo: Are you out of your freakin' mind?
NaNoWriMo: Hopeful or hopeless?
NaNoWriMo and an inspiring author: Dean Wesley Smith
Book Trailers
November: It was a dark and stormy night...
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
One Million Words
Robopocalypse: Spielberg confirmed to direct
Shane Koyczan: author, poet and performance artist
Blogging: Using Google as a research tool
Blogging: Does crossposting increase traffic?
Writing for Blogging for Money for a Living
Kindle E-books Overtake Paper Books
Writing: Stories in tweets
Make Love Not Porn by Cindy Gallop
Shameless by Pamela Madsen
Blogging: Just another drop in the bucket
Dean Wesley Smith: Dean of Star Trek
Gay male romance for women
Amanda Hocking: indie author goes viral maybe this doesn't help writers
Holly Lisle: before I'm 25, I want to write a book.
Writing: November Challenges
NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month
Assembly Line Writing: churning it out
James Patterson: some don't like me, many more do
Writing: Less is more: the drabble
NaNoWriMo: Write a novel in 1 month?
Alexandra Penney: she was "madoffed"
The Millionaire Next Door
On Writing by Stephen King
The Wealthy Barber

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