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AskMen: Great Male Survey 2011

AskMen.Com is a free online web offering information for the male animal on just about anything from fashion, fine living and cars to health, sports and that most mysterious of creatures, women, and the associated topics of dating, love and sexuality.

The site recently released the results of its online survey, the Great Male Survey 2011 where over 70,000 men answered questions about dating, marriage, career, and recreation. This is the opportunity to find out everything from what the ultimate man's drink is to what percentage of men cheat (and yes, sexting is included). That's all here and more.

AskMen explains:
Who is "the modern man"? What does he look for in a partner, and does he make an effort to be romantic? How much effort does he put into his appearance, how does he stay in touch with friends and what standards of professionalism does he hold himself to? Instead of getting a social critic to tell you who you are, we decided to ask you. This summer, more than 70,000 of you (and your female counterparts) responded to the 2011 Great Male Survey and the 2011 Great Female Survey on our partner site Here are the results -- concrete data and actual numbers -- that shed serious light on how the modern man thinks and behaves professionally, romantically and in his downtime, in 2011.

The Results Overview provides an interesting taste of the details available in each of the three sections.

Dating & Sex
78% of men believe they can tell if a woman is faking an orgasm.
50% of men have lied about the number of sex partners they've had.
48% of men said they would dump their partner if she became fat.

32% of men believe that beer is the ultimate man's drink.
46% of men rank potential for career growth as the most important job factor.
48% of men would punch their colleague in the face, while only 29% of men would punch their boss.

Men in 2011
27% of men believe in angels (4% more than last year).
74% of men think that "sexting" is cheating if you're in a relationship.
17% of men believe revolution is the best way to reboot America's economy.

Dating & Sex
The majority of men don't cheat. 36% said, "Not at all likely. I might be tempted, but cheating violates my morals" and 36% said, "Not very likely. I might be tempted, but I love and respect her too much." Only 2% stated they already cheated while 7% declared that what she doesn't know can't hurt her. Okay, it's not 100% but 72% of the first two responses does constitute a majority.

In the Men in 2011 section, a related question is: If you're in a relationship, is "sexting" with someone else considered cheating? 73% said yes, absolutely; 16% said No, as long as no one is sending naked photos; and 11% said No, it is harmless fun. Now let me get this straight, 16% base sexting as cheating on the inclusion of naked photos? I just wanted to clarify that subtle distinction.

What follows cheating? Divorce of course and in answering the question about whether men "get screwed" by the courts in divorce, 79% responded with a resounding "Yes". 20% thought men and women were fairly and equally treated while 1% said women are the ones getting screwed by the courts.

Question #29 asked whether you (the man) can tell if a woman is faking an orgasm. 55% said they thought so, 23% said yes and 22% said no. On the other hand, how many men had faked an orgasm themselves? 70% said no; 16% said yes, on more than one occasion and finally 14% said yes but only once.

What kind of a man are you and what kind of a man do you present to the world? While 46% didn't care what people think of their car, 37% thought the car was important and 17% wanted to impress people with it. Which car? 46% said a sports car was the number one choice.

What is the ultimate drink? 35% say beer; 28% say whiskey; 27% say scotch, 3% say martini and amusingly enough, 7% say whatever Don Draper from Mad Men is drinking.

Men in 2011
Now this section is an odd assortment of questions which are next to impossible to categorize.

59% of the respondents believe aliens exist while 17% believe in angels. From heaven, right? Not like "oh my gawd, that woman is an angel!" Whatever. 9% believe in ghosts and 2% believe in vampires. Hel-lo!?! Anybody know that Twilight is fiction?

Which of the following superheroes would you most want to be? 32% = Superman; 23% = Batman; 21% = Iron Man; 19% = X-Men; 5% = Captain America. What only 5% for Captain America? Obviously they haven't yet seen the new summer blockbuster Captain America: The First Avenger.

Now this question or I should say the answer, is hilarious: Which of the following poses the biggest threat to the United States? 22% said China; 12% said North Korea; 6% said Iran and 4% said Pakistan. However (hold onto your hats) a whopping 54% said the greatest threat to the United States is... the United States. Yep, you heard me. 54% think the biggest threat to the U.S. is itself. Considering the political wrangling over the debt crisis, I would say those 54% are right on the money. If America goes down, it will be its own fault, not due to some outside threat.

Now here's one that should tug at the heart strings of every women: Which of the following characteristics best defines a "real man" in 2011?
* 46% Being a great father and husband who takes care of his family.
* 24% Being a great leader and motivator.
* 10% Having manly skills, like the ability to fix things.
* 9% None of the above.
* 5% Being charismatic and popular.
* 2% Being wealthy.
* 4% Being a great seducer and/or lover.

Final Word
First Playboy released its survey (see 2011 Playboy Sex Survey) and now AskMen. This all makes for some interesting reading on the state of affairs for both sexes. After all, we're all working pretty much solo and it's nice to get the inside scoop on just what everybody else is doing. Maybe each one of us is not so far off base. How many times have we thought we might be abnormal if not weird or perverted only to discover that we're not so odd after all? There's the face of society, that squeaky clean face which is perfect, sexless and without fault, then there's reality with its imperfections, its wrinkles and oh yes, the sex too. Ha! "Normal" is pretty much normal.


Great Male Survey 2011

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In association with AskMen, Cosmo asked some questions of a few thousand women to put together the female version of the survey.

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Great Male Survey by AskMen

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