Saturday 29 October 2011

Keep Wall Street Occupied by Artie Moffa (video)

Here's the idea for supporting the Occupy Wall Street protests all from the comfort of your own home. The next time you receive a credit card application from a bank, send back the return envelope... empty. The bank will have to pay the postage. Fill the envelope with paper to increase its weight and thus increase the cost of postage. Include a message of protest. To really increase the weight, include a piece of wood. Put a message of protest on the piece of wood.

Now individually, this act of defiance won't do very much. But if hundreds or thousands do it, somebody at the bank is going to notice. As this gentleman says, if the banks are taking the time to deal with this, they may just spend less time lobbying government about more ways to screw us.

This guy had such an interesting and unique idea, I just had to post his video. What he says makes perfect sense. Would it work? I don't know but I'd like to think so. Now if Stephen Colbert would announce this on his show, I'd bet a zillion people would immediately do it and then we would certainly see a reaction from somebody at the banks.

In the meantime, pass around this video and do your part to, ah, bring to the attention to the banks that Occupy Wall Street is a cause with a reason.


ABC News - Oct 28/2011
Video Suggests Another Approach to Occupying Wall Street – Send Them Garbage
Artie Moffa wanted to occupy Wall Street, but his day job was getting in the way. Instead, the San Franciscan poet and SAT tutor devised a way he could keep Wall Street occupied from the comfort of his home and office.


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