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The Paperless Society


Published on Mar 15, 2013 by Barış Büyükakyol

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Le papier ne sera jamais mort / Paper is not dead on !

Wikipedia: Paperless society
A Paperless society is one in which paper communication (written documents, mail, letters, etc.) is replaced by electronic communication and storage. The concept originated by Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster in 1978.

A Paperless Society Truths or Myths Essay
For over 30 years now since the introduction of the personal computer in the early 70s, many experts have predicted that the use of paper would soon become something of the past in people’s daily communication. In a speech in 1994, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates declared that America was at a turning point in communications, quickly moving toward what he called “a paperless society.” He announced, “Soon, we won’t want magazines, students won’t need textbooks, and paper forms will be redundant.” However, contrary to this belief, paper producing businesses globally are actually generating more paper than ever before. Some the most notorious companies operating using large amounts of paper are in the financial, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors.

For a society that is said to become paperless, it is somewhat humorous that International Paper Company actually increased their sales from $21.9B in 2006 to $25.1B in 2010. This doesn’t show that the demand for paper use is shrinking. In reality the use of printing paper has shifted from companies to consumers. To illustrate, today PDF files, Word documents, Excel Spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentations are commonly e-mailed or downloaded from web sites and printed by the individuals who receives them. Many of the mail and newsletters propaganda that used to congest our mail boxes have been replaced by these types of files. People print them in part or in full as opposed to the publisher, thereby transferring publication costs to the consumer.

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