Sunday 8 December 2013

Relationships: Will we ever get it right?

my blog: Funny quotes about marriage (and divorce)
I recently ran into some humorous and insightful quotes about marriage and divorce. As I chuckled while reading them, I couldn't help thinking of the quite serious question about why we do it. Do we really have no idea of what we're getting ourselves into?

my blog: The Flip Side: What if the guys and gals switched positions?
Guys will be guys and gals will be gals. Of course, is that an excuse to continue to follow traditional stereotypes? Unfortunately, we are born into it; we are raised in it; and we are bombarded by it via television, movies, and publicity. Why do we continue to follow gender stereotypes? Because we can't help it. Yes, in this day and age you would think we are all more aware, more in tune with what's what but I would claim that we are not as aware as we think.

my blog: The Flip Side: Valentine's Day
The premise is simple enough: have men and women switch roles. The men become the women, the more emotional, deferring sex while the women become the men, the dominant, forward, and sometimes aggressive sex. It's all done for comedic effect but it is certainly an eye-opener. Heck, as a man, do I really do that?

And my all-time favourite
Having a hard time making it work? Can't seem to get your s**t together?


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