Wednesday 3 September 2014

Your Sexuality: Ask & Tell: Alyssa Royse at TEDxRainier

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Shame is an external force that other people put on you. It tells you that you are something bad. ... And that is a really, really debilitating idea. That takes away your autonomous control over your sexuality and anybody who wants to take control over your sexuality does not have your best interests at heart.

Sex is a consensual act between adults. It is intimate. It is personal and it is totally natural. So why do we have all this shame around it?

Normal sex is anything that is a consensual act between adults. You can spank each other, you can wear costumes, you can do anything you want. And it is normal.

People who watch porn, and are sexually fulfilled, are less likely to commit crimes. And that statistic is bared out in the fact that there is less crime in the cities where there is more porn watched.


A Huge Part Of Sex That Makes A Lot Of People Feel Ashamed — But Why? by Morgan Shoaff
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