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The Sopranos: TV Series Theme Music

Woke Up This Morning by Alabama 3

Woke up this morning
Got myself a gun,
Mama always said I'd be
The Chosen One.

One in a million
I believe got to burn to shine,
I was born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in my eye.

And I woke up this morning
All that love had gone,
Papa never told me
About right and wrong.

But I'm a looking good, baby,
I believe that I'm feeling fine,
I was born under a bad sign
With a blue moon in my eye.
So help me now,

Woke up this morning
I got a blue moon in my eye
God damn shame about it.
Woke up this morning
I got a blue moon in my eye
Woke up this morning

I woke up this morning
And the world turned upside down,
Lord above, thing's ain't been the same
Since the Blues walked in our town.

But I'm a one in a million
Cuz I've got that shotgun shine; shame about it,
Born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in my eye.

Woke up this morning
I got blue moon in my eye
God damn shame about it
Woke up this morning
I got a blue moon in my eye
I can't help myself

Sent from above a Mr D-Wan Love

I woke up this morning everything was gone.
By half past ten my head was going ding-dong.
Ringing like a bell from my head down to my toes,
Like a voice tryin' to tell me there was something I should know.
Last night I was flying but today I'm so low
Ain't it times like these make me wonder if I'll ever know
The meaning of things as they appear to the others:
Wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers.
Wish I didn't function in,
Wish I didn't think
Beyond the next paycheck and the next little drink'
Well you do so make up my mind to go on, cuz
When I woke up this morning everything I had was gone.

Woke up this morning
Woke up this morning
Woke up this morning
Got myself a gun.
Cuz I can't help myself, Yeah

Woke up this morning
Woke up this morning
Woke up this morning
Got myself a gun
Got myself a gun
Got myself a gun.


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Wikipedia: Woke Up This Morning
"Woke Up This Morning" is a song by Alabama 3 from their 1997 album Exile on Coldharbour Lane. The song is best known as the opening theme music for the HBO drama series The Sopranos which used the "Chosen One Mix".

Alabama 3 frontman Rob Spragg wrote the song after hearing about the 1996 murder case of Sara Thornton, who stabbed her husband after 20 years of abuse, mistreatment and neglect. The song is co-written with Jake Black. Contrary to widespread attribution, Leonard Cohen did not write or perform the piece.

Wikipedia: Exile on Coldharbour Lane
Exile on Coldharbour Lane is the debut album by Alabama 3, released November 11, 1997, on One Little Indian and Geffen. The name and cover are references to Exile on Main St. by The Rolling Stones and Coldharbour Lane a major street in Brixton, South London best known for containing several after-hours clubs and not a few drug dealers.

Wikipedia: Alabama 3
Alabama 3 is a British band mixing rock, dance, blues, country, and gospel styles, founded in Brixton, London, in 1995. In the United States, it is known as A3, allegedly to avoid any possible legal conflict with the country music band Alabama.[1] The group achieved international fame when the producers of hit TV series The Sopranos chose its track "Woke Up This Morning" for the show's opening credits.

Wikipedia: The Sopranos
The Sopranos is an American television drama series created by David Chase that revolves around the New Jersey-based Italian-American mobster Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) and the difficulties he faces as he tries to balance the conflicting requirements of his home life and the criminal organization he heads. The series also features Tony's family members and Mafia associates in prominent roles and storylines, most notably his wife Carmela (Edie Falco) and cousin and protégé Christopher Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli). A central theme is his professional relationship with his psychiatrist, Dr. Jennifer Melfi (Lorraine Bracco).

The series premiered on the premium cable network HBO in the United States on January 10, 1999, and ended its original run of six seasons and 86 episodes on June 10, 2007.

HBO official web site: The Sopranos

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YouTube: 'The Sopranos' Opening Credits

Some personal notes
As in the above opening credits of the show, whenever I see and hear the HBO signature, I am expecting the next thing I hear is the opening of The Sopranos with this song by Alabama 3. Even if I watch anything else on HBO, I've got The Sopranos burned into my brain.

The song, the lyrics, Tony smoking a cigar while driving, you just know something bad is going to happen. Yes there's family; yes there's friendship; but there is still this smoldering undercurrent of danger and violence. This is a man you might have as an acquaintance, but this is a man you don't want as an enemy.


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