Tuesday 21 April 2015

How To Have Sex

Published on Aug 26, 2013 by HowToBasic
Today I show you the correct way to have sexual intercourse. When it comes to having sex it's important that you take the appropriate safety precautions to ensure you avoid obtaining any sexually transmitted diseases or unwanted pregnancies. Never had sex with anyone or anything before? No problem! I'll teach you everything there is to know! Not only do I show you How to have sex the best way, I also show you some pretty extreme sexual positions that are guaranteed to make your lover yolk.


I have never heard of this film maker, but after viewing a few of his videos, I will say he is unique and quite funny.

The YouTube Wiki: HowToBasic
HowToBasic is an anonymous Australian Youtuber who makes comedic and misleading tutorial videos. His videos mostly consist of him throwing, crushing, or fondling food against the countertops and floor of his kitchen. He uses a large quantity of eggs in his videos, and frequently claims to have an "egg fetish".

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