Saturday 21 November 2015

Bobbie Morgan (1964-2015): A Good Woman's Dirty Mind

She's gone. I'm stunned. I exchanged some comments on Facebook with her just this past weekend and now, the news. It's hard to grasp. Any moment I'll get another posting, another tweet, or even an email.

I first met Bobbie back in 2013 when she was running #AdultSexEdMonth. I had no idea what this hashtag was about, but decided I'd post some of my own blog postings about our favorite topic, sex. While I did make it on some lists, I never considered myself a sex blogger per se and was in no way in the same league as Ms. Morgan. She was prolific and dedicated. Yes, as with all things sexual, there is a wink wink nudge nudge side of it, but Bobbie was trying to get the message out there that none of us has to stay for the rest of our lives in the shadow of a Puritanical patriarchy. Sex is good. Sex is fun. And sex is normal. I have to admire her for her hard work. If #AdultSexEdMonth was popular in 2013, in 2014 it got bigger and 2015 saw it get bigger still.

Passion and Parrot
Bobbie spoke about sex, but she also spoke about passion. As odd as this sounds, I looked upon the relationship she had with her lover Parrot, the stories of passion, of playfulness, of the zest for life and all goes along with sharing life with an enthusiastic partner with whom you click on all levels, as an example of the ideal relationship, the relationship everyone should have. I have wistfully sighed about my marriage and subsequent divorce and thought if my wife and I had had half the passion, half the intimacy, and half the connection that Bobbie had with Parrot, we would still be blissfully married. My condolences to Parrot. This must be a huge loss to him.

What happens now?
Bobbie mentioned in her blog that not many people in her "real life" knew about her alternate persona. Does her family know? Did she leave any instructions for the next of kin about her web site? If nothing is done, her domain name will expire. What did she pay for last time? One year? Two years?

What happens to #AdultSexEdMonth? I suppose that's up to us who participated in it. Will we continue to post under that hashtag or will we all forget about it? Bobbie set up a site to provide links to all articles. We all looked because we all wanted to see our names. Will somebody else take on this responsibility?

Two days shy of 52 years old. It's moments like this we are reminded about the fragility of life. You never know when your time will be up. Yes, it's a reminder about the fragility of our own lives. Time's a-wasting. If you don't do it now, you may never get to do it.

She's gone. I'm stunned. This is quite a hole in the world. Facebook. Twitter. The blog. There is one less contributor to the betterment of our lives. Bobbie Morgan, it's been a pleasure. I thank you for the privilege and the honor to have met you. I will miss you.

“The greatest thing in life is finding people that turn small moments into great moments.
Nothing in life must be eternal only unforgettable.”

I started this blog in September 2012. It was built on the inspiration of the love affair of a lifetime between me and my lover, Parrot. So often we’d say (and still say) that if most people knew of how amazing our sex and relationship are that they’d never believe it. If only we could teach, bottle, sell or share our secrets of our great sex, romance and relationship, more people would be happier and more fulfilled.

Like the way Parrot and I talk with each other, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is open, frank, and nakedly explicit in the way it talks about sex and relationships. It’s not explicit in a pornographic way, but my stories get to the point without hiding behind a cloud of euphemisms. As I often say, if you can’t talk (or read) about sex, you have no business having sex.

In short, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind is all about real sex — and really great sex at that — for real people.

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Parrot's Pen: In memoriam - Nov 22/2015
It is with indescribable sadness that I inform my readers of the passing of my love, my muse, Bobbie Morgan, on November 18, 2015. She inspired many of the stories in these pages. I am sure that, even though she is no longer here, she will inspire many more. Her memorial service is today, November 22, 2015. This is her eulogy.

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Jeffrey Sumber said...

Thank you for writing this. She touched many of us in special and simple ways.

Jill Hamilton said...


Thanks wqb . Xox

Anonymous said...

I had never written to, or communicated with a female erotica writer...her wisdom and experience were deeply valued and shall be missed, I hope you find peace, my sweet caring friend...<3 <3 <3

Unknown said...

Woa! Thanks for sharing, thought it's sad news. Sad to learn of her death. She was just brilliant and accommodating of others.

Michele Schalin said...

Very sad. :(

She touched so many people and was so enthusiastic about life!

I will miss talking with her!