Saturday 15 October 2016

John Green: Understanding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Tax Plans

Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton: it all comes down to a campaign slogan or an Internet meme. But do any of us truly understand what each candidate is proposing? This election isn't about the issues; it's about character assassination and muckraking. Unfortunately, it's the issues which will haunt us long after the lights are turned out and the confetti is swept up. Rah, rah, sis boom bah. As each of us wildly chant going into the polling booth, I would contend that none of us has a firm grasp of what tomorrow will bring. Good luck. We'll need it.

Published on Oct 11, 2016 by vlogbrothers
YouTube: Understanding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton's Tax Plans
In which John Green compares the tax proposals of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and looks at what the tax system and budget would look like for different families. There's also a brief introduction to federal income tax here in the United States, and some discussion of the candidates' budget proposals.

Campaign slogans? Internet memes? Just one man's opinion explaining his partisanship? John Greene provides his sources. He's stating an opinion, but an opinion based on facts. This is what we need: a discussion about the issue, not about the candidate themselves.

The Tax Policy Center's excellent and detailed analysis of Democrat Hillary Clinton's tax plan:

The Tax Policy Center's analysis of Republican Donald Trump's tax plan:

Much of the information in this video came from the Tax Foundation's analysis of Clinton's tax proposals:

And of Trump's:

Lily Batchelder's paper explaining why Trump's tax plan would result in tax increases for 7.8 million households:

and a politifact story on the same topic:

Donald Trump's tax plan would boost the debt much more than Clinton's, and would put U.S. debt held by the public over 100% of GDP in the next decade according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget:

The CRFB explains Trump's budget cut proposals here:

And his plan for increased defense spending here:

Chart of our publicly held debt to GDP ratio came from here:

The Tax Policy Center has an excellent chart explaining effective tax rates by income size that you'll enjoy if you're into this kind of stuff:

Final Word
Skip the character assassinations. Skip the sexual history. Everybody gets a pass; everybody gets a clean slate.

Let's talk about the issues, specifically let's talk about taxes: Clinton's plan vs Trump's plan. Over the next 10 years:

Clinton = add two hundred billion to the national debt

Trump = add two to seven trillion dollars to the national debt

Note: billion vs trillion

Note: Trump's plan favors the wealthy.

Skip the candidates and talk about the issues. November 8: your future is at stake.


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