Sunday 13 November 2016

The 2016 American Election

I have no idea who in the world first posted this little gem on social media, but I absolutely howl every time I see it. I thought it was so funny, I posted it in the lunchroom at work, however I've discovered not everyone gets the humour. To explain: "Hold my drink". Think of the Jackass movies. Think of reckless twenty-year-old males doing really dumb stunts. Think of the teenage boy who watches another attempt something foolhardy, then, in an inspired moment of one-upmanship, asks a friend to hold his drink while he attempts to outdo the daredevil. Of course, like so many of the Fails Compilations on YouTube, the brazen idiot shows to the world how close one can come to injury or death through a total lack of planning or safety measures. Don't try this at home, folks. We're professionals.

Good luck, America. You're going to need it.


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