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Mollena Williams and Georg Friedrich Haas: a love story and then some

I'm reminded that some people are living extraordinary lives, and some people have extraordinary relationships.

Mollena Williams-Haas is an black American writer, BDSM educator, and actor. Georg Friedrich Haas is a white European from Austria, a renowned contemporary composer. In 2013, the two of them met through OkCupid. He was 62 and she was 46. After three failed marriages, Haas wanted to get it right. They laid their cards on the table and told each other what they were looking for in life and a relationship. She was submissive. He was dominant. It was, to coin a phrase, love at first sight. This is an amazing story.

How to explore this story: Below, Mollena tells her tale in a NSFW video filmed at Bawdy Storytelling. I link to a 2016 New York Times article detailing their story: who they are and how they met. At the bottom, is the trailer for the 2018 film "The Artist and the Pervert", an exploration into their special bond. Enjoy. And wow.

Published on Jun 11, 2014 by Bawdy Storytelling
YouTube: Bawdy Storytelling presents Mollena Williams : Lucky! (14:34)
This was at Bawdy Storytelling's 7th anniversary show in San Francisco. The evening's theme was "Lucky!" Recorded live at the Verdi Club on Feb 26th, 2014.

Mollena wrote a posting on her blog as an introduction to the above video.

The Perverted Negress - Dec 18/2018
It goes to show you never can tell. by Mollena
Tomorrow marks five years since I received my first message from some OKCupid dude who went by the bemusing handle “spicyspiritlove.”

The New York Times ran an in-depth article about the couple. This is a must-read to fully appreciate who this couple is, their relationship, and why the two of them have something quite special.
The New York Times - Feb23/2016
A Composer and His Wife: Creativity Through Kink by Zachary Woolfe
The OkCupid message Mollena Williams received in December 2013 was, in some ways, standard. It was complimentary: “Wow — your profile is great.” It was confident: “I am an artist, very successful (probably member of the top 10 or 20 in my genre in the world).” It was polite, signing off with “warm wishes.”

But something was a bit out of the ordinary, speaking to its author’s interest in domination and submission. The central desire? “I would like to tame you.”

The writer was Georg Friedrich Haas, whose powerfully emotional, politically charged music and explorations of microtonality make him one of the world’s leading composers. His work had brought widespread acclaim, but his personal life was troubled, with three failed marriages in his wake, when he met Ms. Williams, a writer and sex educator who specializes in alternative lifestyles. Shortly after he messaged her, the two began a relationship and were married last fall.

IMDb: The Artist & The Pervert - documentary, Nov 11/2018, 1 hr 36 min
Georg is a famous Austrian composer, his wife Mollena a renowned American kink educator. Together they live in a public kinky relationship. This film documents their lives between perversion, art, love and radical self-determination.

Georg Friedrich Haas is a famous Austrian composer and child of Nazi parents, his wife Mollena a renowned American kink educator and descendant of African slaves. Together they live in a public kinky relationship they have craved for 40 years: She is his 'slave' and muse, he is her master - a combination that pushes many people's buttons and touches on matters of race, sexuality, politics and power relations. This film documents their lives between perversion, art, love and radical self-determination.

The Artist & The Pervert: A Film by Beatrice Behn and René Gebhardt

A famous Austrian composer & a renowned African-American kink educator fall in love and start on a controversial journey towards radical self-determination that touches on matters of race, sexuality, politics & power relations. Some call them perverted, others revolutionary.

Trailer, clips, more information

Published on Feb 17, 2018 by The Artist & The Pervert
YouTube: The Artist & The Pervert – Trailer (1:10)


Wikipedia: Mollena Williams-Haas
Mollena Williams-Haas is an American writer, BDSM educator, actor, and former International Ms. Leather. She is married to the composer Georg Friedrich Haas.

web site: The Perverted Negress: "it ain't just the hair that's kinky"
This “Delicate, Trembling Flower of Submission” © is a NYC born and raised writer, actress, BDSM Educator, Storyteller, sobriety fiend since March 14th 2007, and an Award-Winning Executive Pervert. Owned and collared by renowned contemporary composer Georg Friedrich Haas since December 2013 and his wife since September 2015, she serves as his beloved slave, submissive, wife, servant and Muse. February 2016 saw a groundbreaking piece about their relationship featured in the New York Times.

Twitter: Mollena WilliamsHaas @Mollena
Executive Slave & Muse. Funny. Friendly. Foulmouthed. Fabulous.Overachiever, Ass-Kicker, Submissive Scheherazade, Fat Fetish Model & Cupcake bitch. Jai Ganesh!

Wikipedia: Georg Friedrich Haas
Georg Friedrich Haas (born 16 August 1953 in Graz, Austria) is an Austrian composer.

Education and career
Georg Friedrich Haas grew up in Tschagguns (Vorarlberg) and studied composition with Gösta Neuwirth [de], Iván Erőd, and piano with Doris Wolf at the Musikhochschule in Graz, the capital of the Austrian federal state of Styria. Since 1978, he has been teaching at the Hochschule as an instructor, and since 1989 as an associate professor in counterpoint, contemporary composition techniques, analysis, and introduction to microtonal music. Haas is a founding member of the Graz composers' collective Die andere Seite. He composes in a cottage in Fischbach, Styria.
Since 2005, he has lectured at the Hochschule in Basel, Switzerland; from September 2013 on, Haas has been a Professor of Composition at Columbia University, New York.

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