Wednesday 16 November 2011

The Daylights: I Hope This Gets To You

I’ve been searching, for a couple words
They could grow wings and fly like birds
Course i know it sounds absurd
But when you’re in love, all the lines get blurred

Do you remember, a thousand lights?
We danced like kids, as the traffic drove by
I can’t help I got you memorized
Imagined the world, it feels smaller tonight

And i hope, this
I hope this gets to you
To you
And I hope, this
I hope this gets to you

I knew I’d found what I was looking for
Sitting indian style, on the kitchen floor
You’re like pretty grace kelly in a black and white scene
And you’re batting your eyes cos you know it kills me
You think you feel my heart jumping through my chest?
When you look at me it beats three times as fast
And all of this is passing us too quick for regrets

(Oo oo oo oo)

And i hope, this
I hope this gets to you
To you
And I hope, this
I hope this gets to you
To you
And I hope, this
I hope this gets to you


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Wikipedia: The Daylights
The Daylights is a pop rock band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 2004. The trio is fronted by brothers Ran Jackson and Ricky Jackson, with Svend Lerche on Drums. Their debut self titled album "The Daylights" was released September 14, 2010 on the band's own label, 87th Floor Records.

official web site: The Daylights

Laurie McFall
I ran across this curiosity. Inspired by this song, an unknown gentleman has created a web page dedicated to the girl he loved and lost asking for a second chance. True love? Creepy? You decide.

Personal Notes
I have an amusing story about how I "discovered" this song. I have been rewatching various episodes of the television series Castle and have discovered a plethora (like that one?) of funny moments, romantic scenes and snippets of music I had not appreciated before. Geeze, I have become totally captivated by this show. Am I now (officially) a Castle junkie?

In season 3 episode 9 called "Law & Murder", Castle pretends he has never seen the movie Forbidden Planet to trick Beckett into taking him to the movies, an unofficial date. This clip (Castle Beckett 3x19 "That's it, I'm taking you") shows the two of them getting on the elevator with this song playing in the background. It certainly captures the hope of something happening between us and the hope that message gets to you.


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