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Wicked: I'm Not That Girl

Published on Aug 29, 2009 by wickedthemusical08 (Here sung by Idina Menzel, original London cast)
YouTube: I'm Not That Girl - Wicked The Musical

Hands touch, eyes meet
Sudden silence, sudden heat
Hearts leap in a giddy whirl
He could be that boy
But I'm not that girl

Don't dream too far
Don't lose sight of who you are
Don't remember that rush of joy
He could be that boy
I'm not that girl

Ev'ry so often we long to steal
To the land of what-might-have-been
But that doesn't soften the ache we feel
When reality sets back in

Blithe smile, lithe limb
She who's winsome, she wins him
Gold hair with a gentle curl
That's the girl he chose
And Heaven knows
I'm not that girl

Don't wish, don't start
Wishing only wounds the heart
I wasn't born for the rose and the pearl
There's a girl I know
He loves her so
I'm not that girl


Wikipedia: I'm Not that Girl (song)
"I'm Not that Girl" is a song from the musical Wicked, composed by Stephen Schwartz, originally recorded by Idina Menzel on November 10, 2003, and released on December 16, 2003. It is a solo sung by the main character of the show, Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West).

Context in Wicked
The song is performed midway through the first act. During the song, Elphaba expresses her love for the Winkie prince Fiyero, the most popular boy at Shiz and Galinda's boyfriend. She accepts that she knows that nothing can ever happen between them, as she 'wasn't born for the rose and the pearl', and is an unpopular green girl. She also mentions that Fiyero has feelings for her, though this was unconfirmed. In act two Glinda reprised it about Elphaba when Fiyero leaves with her.

Wikipedia: Wicked (musical)
Wicked is a musical with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz and a book by Winnie Holzman. It is based on the Gregory Maguire novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (1995), a parallel novel of the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz and L. Frank Baum's classic story The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900). The musical is told from the perspective of the witches of the Land of Oz: Elphaba, the misunderstood girl with emerald-green skin, and Galinda, later Glinda, the beautiful, ambitious and popular blonde. Wicked tells the story in which these two unlikely friends grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and the Good Witch of the North while struggling through opposing personalities and viewpoints, rivalry over the same love-interest, reactions to the Wizard's corrupt government, and, ultimately, Elphaba's public fall from grace. The plot begins before and continues after Dorothy's arrival from Kansas and includes references to locations, events, characters and situations from both the 1939 film and Baum's novel.

Personal Notes
I did see the musical years ago, but admittedly, had forgotten about it. I have an amusing story about how I re-discovered this song.

I've been rewatching various episodes of the television series Castle and have discovered I don't know how many videos created by fans of the series. Some are clips taken from the episodes, such as the famous kiss from season 3 episode 16 "Setup". Others are a collection of various romantic scenes between the show's protagonists set to music. One such music video (now taken down) introduced me to this song from the musical Wicked which serves as an excellent music track to the montage of clips showing the growing romance of Castle and Beckett. Will they or won't they get together? *slaps forehead* Oh my God, I've turned into a Castle junkie!


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