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Danosongs: Mars and Stars


Uploaded by Augustin Enache on Dec 15, 2011

I ran into this piece of music completely by chance. It was used as background to a video demonstrating a commercial product. I enjoyed its meditative quality and actually watched the video advertisement several times just to listen to the song. After contacting the author of the ad, I discovered Danosongs and his royalty free music.

Danosongs.Com Royalty Free Music & Songs
Hi, I'm Dan-O and I post my original music as free MP3 downloads here on You can listen to the songs online or download the tracks. It's also legal to use the music royalty free in your video, game, film, presentation, slideshow or website.

Music for Websites – New Mars and Stars Royalty Free Piano Instrumental
I’ve been getting some requests to create music for websites that is more mellow. This is especially for photographers who need intros and entire songs for portfolio slides-shows. My piano-based instrumentals have been getting used allot for this so this week I created a new one called “Mars and Stars”. It has kind of a new age relaxing feel. This song is also available to use under creative commons licensing as royalty free background music. Commercial use is allowed.

Link to the MP3: Mars and Stars
You can right click and download it to your own computer.

I started this site in 2008 as a place to post a few tracks I recorded as a singer/songwriter. Then one day I added some instrumentals I created for fun. Since then the requests from visitors for music for YouTube videos, games, indie films, and slideshows has been non-stop.

Royalty Free Music
The pieces offered by the web site.

Music License FAQ
Q: How do I provide credit?
A: Make this text visible in the credits, materials or description of your media. For videos: in the description box or in the video is ok. In both places is nice but not required.
Use this exact text because this is what is in the license:
Music by Dan-O at

Twitter: Dan-O, @danosongs
Composer, music producer. Audio for video production, independent filmmaking, games, podcasts and on hold. Free to use under creative commons license. New York, NY

YouTube: danosong's channel

Wikipedia: Meditation music
Meditation music is music performed to aid in the practice of meditation. It can have a specific religious content, but also more recently has been associated with modern composers who utilize meditation techniques in their process of composition, or who compose such music with no particular religious group as a focus. The concept also includes music performed as an act of meditation.


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