Sunday 9 September 2012

Republicans have become Vagina Nazis

Normally I would shy away from extremist rhetoric in a political campaign but things have been so Looney Tunes it is getting progressively more difficult to avoid it just because it is so damn funny. If it isn't Representative Todd Akin proclaiming the medieval concept of women needing to have an orgasm to get pregnant or Clint Eastwood talking to an empty chair or Rush Limbaugh suggesting the Obama Administration tampered with Hurricane Isaac forecasts in order to disrupt the Republican National Convention (Huffington), the GOP now completely infected with the extremist views of the Tea Party seem to be totally incapable of stopping themselves from making the most extraordinary, no ludicrous statements. I wouldn't be surprised if they started saying the Earth is flat due to some hitherto obscure biblical passage.

"Old Fart Rants" is a series of YouTube videos of political and social commentary given by a hippy-ish looking gentleman going by the name of Old Fart. I have no idea who the creator of these videos as all my efforts of searching on Google have so far not turned up his true identity. And they say you can't remain anonymous in this modern Internet age.

I ran across the following video about the Republican platform. Considering I read all 62 pages of it and posted my commentary (my blog: The 2012 Republican Platform: Are ya scared yet?), I thought to publish Old Fart's take which is similar but slightly more colourful. Let the chortling begin!

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by oldfartrants
"Thieves In Elephant Skin" by Old Fart Rants

If you're a woman you have to be out of your mind to vote Republican - ever since the Tea Party infested the GOP, they've become nothing but vagina Nazis when it comes to women's rights. They will try to outlaw all abortion if elected, including pregnancies for rape and incest. It's part of the official Republican Party platform and it has been for years. And if you're a senior citizen you have to be out of your mind to vote Republican because they're going to screw seniors royally! Friday night the Republican National Committee accidentally posted its Medicare killing plan on its website before taking it down. To quote Rick Perry... oops! Their plan is clearly to get rid of Medicare as we know it, and turn it into a voucher system where seniors will be forced to TRY to buy insurance in the private market with about $8000 a year - good luck with that! For a lot of seniors, that won't even pay for their medication, much less doctor visits or hospital stays! Talk about death panels! This will real world death sentence for many current and future senior citizens. And for current seniors, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that the plan will raise their out-of-pocket medical expenses more than $60,000 over their lifetime! And what do the Republicans plan to do with all that money they save by making seniors suffer and die? Are they going to use it to reduce the deficit? Hell no! They're going to give that money to the 1% in the form of even more tax breaks, using the same old lie that tax cuts for the wealthy creates jobs! Republicans are nothing but lying thieves and they have to go or this country will be a banana republic and us "common people" won't have any bananas! If you're not a senior citizen yet, and you want to see how the Romney / Ryan plan to rob Medicare will affect you financially, go to Just type in your info and it will tell you how much more your medical costs will be when you retire if Republicans have their way.

Final Word
November 6, 2012. This is the day the future of the United States of America is to be decided. Go left? Go right? You all dug yourself a very very deep hole. I said you dug it as I remind you that in electing the Republicans headed by George W. Bush you did that to yourself. Getting out of that hole isn't impossible but it won't be easy and you will not get out overnight. Does it seem hopeless? I would like to remind you of one important thing: yes, you can.


YouTube channel: Old Fart Rants

my blog - Aug 26/2010
We always come back to Hitler
This posting is more about politics and Hitler. Godwin's law? Reductio ad Hitlerum? How about the Tea Party? Eventually, everybody ends up comparing whatever to Nazism because it's a good way of scaring voters. It's a lousy argument but it's great politics.

my blog - Sep 1/2012
The 2012 Republican Platform: Are ya scared yet?
Scribd.Com has The 2012 Republican Platform and it's downloadable as an Adobe PDF. I have printed it out and read the entire document. The New York Times commented on a draft of this document in an editorial by saying, "The Republican Party has moved so far to the right that the extreme is now the mainstream." Has the GOP lost its way or has it lost its mind?

my blog - Sep 8/2012
The Right isn't wrong, they're nuts
I read over the 2012 Republican Platform and the Democratic Platform. My take in 10 words: Democrats = warm and fuzzy; Republican = cold and prickly. Vote Republican and let's see history repeat itself. Oh and one more thing, if you're a woman you can kiss your vagina good-bye.


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