Sunday 16 December 2012

The Flip Side: What if the guys and gals switched positions?

Guys will be guys and gals will be gals. Of course, is that an excuse to continue to follow traditional stereotypes? Unfortunately, we are born into it; we are raised in it; and we are bombarded by it via television, movies, and publicity. Why do we continue to follow gender stereotypes? Because we can't help it. Yes, in this day and age you would think we are all more aware, more in tune with what's what but I would claim that we are not as aware as we think.

What better way to point out our foibles in the battle of the sexes than by having us switch roles. Yes, the guys do what the gals do and the gals do what the guys do. Not only does it clearly point out how each of the sexes do in fact conduct themselves, it is pretty darn hilarious. This is comedic gold and never do all of us look dumber than when somebody else is acting out what we do. What? Do I really do that? Do I really say that? Ha ha.

Altermotion Media Entertainment has produced a series of short videos called "The Flip Side" with the premise of switching the stereotypical roles of men and women. The hilarious results are watching men behaving like women and women behaving like men. Funny? Yes. Do we all do this? At one time or another, guilty as charged.

The Flip Side (Bar)
Published on Jan 14, 2013 by AltermotionPictures
The bar scene takes a look at the flip side of things between men and women.

The Flip Side (Dating)
Published on Jan 14, 2013 by AltermotionPictures
Common relationships clich├ęs are flipped and we see what it looks like when the tables are turned. Directed by Jay Diaz. Produced by Brian Thomas Smith, Daniel Marcha, Tony Joun, and Jay Diaz.

Final Word
I'm sure everyone will be chuckling over this premise for some time to come. We all have our stories of the other sex misbehaving but here maybe we will get a better look at just how we ourselves behave. It's funny but it's also a little embarrassing. Well, I mean for other men. Heck, I don't do stuff like that. (Do I?)


YouTube: The Flip Side: Workout
Like the above videos, this has the guys and gals switching traditional roles working out.

IMDb: The Flip Side (Bar) (2012)
Written and directed by Jay Diaz

IMDb: The Flip Side (Dating) (2012)
Written and directed by Jay Diaz

NBC: Today Show
Kathie Lee and Hoda talk about the clip.

Altermotion Media Entertainment
Altermotion Media Entertainment is (AME) an innovative production company specializing in new media, television, and film. After the success of our drama web series, "Casual", we set out to create a series of comedy sketches. "The Flip Side" gained national attention from many media outlets, such as "The Today Show", "E! News" and other entertainment platforms. This spawned a new series with Yahoo! and a feature development with Disney.

Since then, Altermotion has continued their success with "Caller ID", and a recent concept trailer for "Captain Planet". We are currently working on several projects, which include clients like; Valvoline, The Grammys, and other commercial brands.

Altermotion Media Entertainment is headed by writer/director, Jay Diaz, and producer, Daniel Marcha.

Contact: 310.574.2581

Yahoo Screen: The Flip Side


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Walker Thornton said...

Oh, too funny. And, I recognize some of those 'moves'.