Sunday 30 March 2014

BuzzFeed: Men Explain The Vagina

Published on Mar 24, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
Men Explain The Vagina

Seriously? How do we guys manage to have sex? I am sure any woman is going to watch this video and roll her eyes. We men are such doofuses. We know jack shit about women, sex, and life in general and yet we carry on like the cock of the walk totally ignorant of our own short-comings. We are ignorant of our ignorance. Geesh, it's surprising the human race hasn't died off. Ha, ha. The Conservatives are right: abstinence-only sex education works. We can't get it in the right hole.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to run off and hide my head in shame. Ha, ha. (Yes, yes, not every guy is like this - thank God - but those who are give the rest of us a good laugh. Boy, do we collectively need sex education or what?)


Wikipedia: BuzzFeed
BuzzFeed is a website that combines a technology platform for detecting viral content with an editorial selection process to provide a snapshot of "the viral web in realtime". Co-founded in 2006 by Jonah Peretti (who is also cofounder of The Huffington Post), BuzzFeed is located in Manhattan, New York in the Flatiron District.

official web site: BuzzFeed

YouTube channel: BuzzFeedYellow

YouTube channel: BuzzFeedVideo

Despite my best efforts on Google, I couldn't find out the difference between BuzzFeedYellow and BuzzFeedVideo. Comedy versus serious? Original content versus other content? Beats me, but there they are. Enjoy.


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