Saturday 29 March 2014

Full Frontal Freedom: Proud, Free, American Vaginas

Published on Aug 27, 2012 by FullFrontalFreedom
A Vagina Monologue: Vagina, Interrupted
Full Frontal Freedom is a coalition of independent artists and media folks using our creativity to promote civic engagement and discussion of current issues.

This was published in August 2012 before the election. Nevertheless, the ideas presented are as important today as they were then. The Conservative far right wants to deny women the right to their own body. As I tweeted during the campaign, "Ladies, vote Republican and kiss your vagina good-bye." Every woman should have the right to choose: sex, birth control, and abortion. It is her body; it is her decision. No political party, no government, and no man should prevent a woman from being a citizen with full equality.


Full Frontal Freedom
Full Frontal Freedom is the anti-PAC. We are a coalition of independent artists and media executives – who want to use our talent and creativity to raise awareness and enhance civil discourse.

When the Court decided to allow corporate spending in political races, it may not have envisioned that Sheldon Adelson would give $71 million to a candidate’s cause. Thankfully, all the money in the world cannot buy votes. We recognize that with creativity, innovation, passion and the power which comes from being on the right side of history, we can change hearts and minds in our favor.

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