Monday 5 May 2014

Birocratic: Orientation


Published on Nov 30, 2013 by Painted Music (released 18 September 2012)

official web site: Birocratic
born brandon rowan, nj, usa, 1993.
producer and multi-instrumentalist. armed with a laptop, an electric bass, and limitless inspiration.
creates electronic tunes with an organic soul.
currently works in his home studio in brooklyn, nyc.

Bandcamp: Birocratic

Facebook: Birocratic
++20 yrs old, in NYC, from NJ++

Twitter: ++birocratic++ @birocratic
music producer, cofounder of @plusplusco NYC

YouTube channel: Birocratic
Producer of instrumental hip-hop. NYC

Soundcloud: Birocratic
brandon r. new york

Wikipedia: Bandcamp
Bandcamp is a privately held company founded in 2007 by former Oddpost co-founders Ethan Diamond and Shawn Grunberger, together with engineers Joe Holt and Neal Tucker; providing an online music store launched in 2008, as well as a platform for artist promotion, that caters mainly to independent artists. Artists who use Bandcamp are provided with a customizable microsite where the music they create can be uploaded and shared. All tracks can be played for free on the website and users are provided with the option to purchase the album or track.

official web site: Bandcamp

Odd Note
How did I discover this music? Okay, this is where I turn a little red and start looking around everywhere but at you. BuzzFeedYellow offered this YouTube video 17 Busty Girl Problems with this music. The credits led me to Biocratic and this specific track. Okay, okay, I'm a guy. Did you possibly think I would pass that one by? (The credits say the video is based on Busty Girl Comics by Paige Halsey Warren and 23 Things Only Ladies With Big Boobs Will Understand by Kristin Chirico. I now feel like a 16-year-old again surfing for dubious stuff on the Net. Yes Mom, I did figure out how to turn off Net Nanny.)


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