Sunday 11 May 2014

If Rob Ford was an employee, he would be fired

Drunk on the job. Stoned at work. Sociably unacceptable behaviour videotaped and delivered to media. Where does it end? When does it end? If the city of Toronto was a company and Rob Ford was an employee, he would be terminated for cause.

About.Com Terminated for Cause by Alison Doyle
Definition: When an employee is terminated for cause they are fired from their job for a specific reason.

Reasons an employee could be terminated for cause include, but are not limited to, stealing, lying, failing a drug or alcohol test, falsifying records, embezzlement, insubordination, deliberately violating company policy or rules, and other serious misconduct related to your employment. Conviction of a crime or breach of a contract you have with your employer may also be grounds for termination for cause.

When you are terminated for cause the employer does not have to give you notice.

The Toronto Star newspaper has just published the following account of the night of March 5, just two days after Rob Ford appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. This is the stuff which shows up on The Jerry Springer Show. This is The Trailer Park Boys. What is so jaw-droppingly incredible about the story is that we are talking about the mayor of Toronto. Read on and discover the following points:

* Rob is drunk
* Rob is driving while intoxicated
* Rob does drugs
* Rob goes off on a racist rant
* Rob tells his friends they can f**k his wife in front of him if they want
* Rob says his wife lets him f**k girls in front of her all the time

The Toronto Star - May 9/2014
Rob Ford: One wild night in March by Kevin Donovan
Fresh from Hollywood, two months before rehab, Rob Ford and his felon pals hook up again for drink, drugs and astonishing invective

This is it
I don’t want to hear this s**t. This is the behaviour of a frat boy, a college student, an out of control first year university student who has his first taste of freedom away from Mom and Dad.

If Toronto was a company, it would terminate Rob Ford with cause. I’ve had it. I don’t want to deal with this man. I don’t want to hear his bulls**t. I no longer see him fit for office; I no longer want him running the show. His credibility has dropped off the map. I have written over and over again that from the outset, Rob Ford kept spouting numbers which didn’t make any sense and this behaviour is the conclusive proof this man does not have a firm grip on reality. He is lying. He has a distorted view of the world. He is making stuff up to compensate for his bad behaviour, no his outrageous behaviour, and he can’t be trusted with his own life, never mind the lives of the people of the fourth largest city in North America. This isn’t a politician I respect; this is an idiot. This isn’t a leader I’d follow; this is a lout I want to move away from as quickly as possible.

We all have a private life?
Give me a break. What any of us do behind closed doors is one thing, but our elected official has every one of his egregious offences splashed over the front page of every newspaper in the city, heck in the world. After the first revelation of crack-smoking, he claimed he was turning himself around and was quoted as saying, "I’ve had a Jesus moment." Yes, as in I pick up the newspaper and say, “Gee-sus H. K. Rist.”

As I wrote back in December, Rob Ford demonstrates all the classic signs of alcoholic thinking: an exaggerated sense of self-importance, bad judgement and ridiculous rationalisation, and a bombastic approach to everything. (my blog: Rob Ford: Alcoholic Thinking and a Gullible Public - Dec 9/2013) Rob knows deep in his heart that he is f**king up and f**king up royally, but he continues to compensate in the desperate hope that he can “get away with it” one more time, that he can fool everyone around him, that he can fool the public. He wants to be the “big guy” on the block but he knows all too well that he is anything but. The emperor has no clothes.

May 11, 2014: Happy Mother’s Day. Yes, Rob, you certainly are one mother.

my blog: Yes, Rob Ford can be fired and so can you. - May 21/2014
When I tweeted a previous post, “If Rob Ford was an employee, he would be fired” (May 11/2014), somebody wrote back, "Firing someone for substance abuse would be violating human rights. It would depend on the company policy and employment contract." Only partially right and oh so wrong.


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What's the right answer? Now I'm sure your immediate response would be, "What's the question?" And therein lies our collective problem. People keep spouting off about their right answer when subsequent analysis concludes those people didn't understand the question. Understand it? Heck, you could say they were answering a completely different question.

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I'm not going to talk about drugs and I'm not going to talk about the comedic fodder for late night talk shows. I am, however, going to talk about the hyperbolic bravado of political leaders vying for my vote who are counting on me being naive and uninformed.


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