Wednesday 14 May 2014

How to Talk to Your Kids About Michael Sam

Michael Sam is the first openly gay to be drafted by an NFL team and the world demonstrates it has a long way to go to become tolerant. For some bizarre reason, sexual orientation is the end of civilisation but those doing the criticising completely forget the transgressions of supposed normal heterosexual people. Drugs, DUI, spousal abuse, the list goes on and on, but God forbid anybody be gay. Quite ironic, I would say. How ironic? The comedy troop Heck Bender have put together a short video clip which underlines just how stupid we all look in the big picture. Somebody's worried about sexual orientation? Good Lord, there are things in the world really really bad!

Published on May 11, 2014 by Heck Bender
How to Talk to Your Kids About Michael Sam (2:27)
Michael Sam was recently drafted by the St. Louis Rams, making him the first out gay professional football player. Clearly, your children are going to have some questions. We are here to help you.


Wikipedia: Michael Sam
Michael Alan Sam, Jr. (born January 7, 1990) is an American football defensive end for the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League (NFL).

After completing his college football career, Sam publicly came out as gay. He was selected by St. Louis in the seventh round, with the 249th overall pick, of the 2014 NFL Draft, becoming the first publicly gay player to be drafted in the league. If he plays in the league, he will also become the first active NFL player to have publicly come out.

Wikipedia: Homosexuality in American football
Few American football players have come out as gay. Six former National Football League (NFL) players have come out publicly after they retired. In college football, Division III player Conner Mertens came out as bisexual in January 2014, becoming the first active college football player at any level to publicly come out. There has never been an active Division I player who was publicly out. Former Division I player, Michael Sam, publicly came out in February 2014 after his college career. Later that year, he was selected by the St. Louis Rams in 2014 NFL Draft, and became the first publicly gay player drafted in the league. If he plays in the league, Sam could become the NFL's first active player who was publicly out.

Wikipedia: List of LGBT sportspeople
This is a list of notable lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender sportspeople. In American football, Michael Sam was the first ever to come out before being drafted by the St. Louis Rams in 2014, and only a few have after retiring.

The Guardian - May 12/2014
Michael Sam's big gay kiss will never be forgotten. That was the whole point by Cyd Zeigler
It was one thing to watch Michael Sam's name get called on Saturday afternoon, as the 249th pick in the NFL Draft. Even people who are against same-sex marriage could understand the symbolism of the first openly gay player in the biggest sport in the biggest country in the world.

It was another thing entirely for the world to watch, a few minutes later, as two men kissed. On the lips. Over and over. And over and over.

America will never be the same again.

Published on May 10, 2014 by JunkNews
Michael Sam Kiss: St Louis Rams 2014 Drafted First Openly Gay Football Player Michael Sam Kiss

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Think gays are bad? Take a look at what straight people are doing.


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