Saturday 17 January 2015

Cats Watching You Have Sex

Ah, the Internet is a vast fun-filled place. For example, take a picture of a cat, add an amusing caption following the above premise, and voilĂ , let the chuckles ensue.

Starting in January 2011, some unknown comedian started a Tumblr web site called "Cats Watching You Have Sex". I thought the premise was original and I had a number of good chuckles. Even a few guffaws. Here's a sampling of this person's fine comedic work and I hope I'll persuade you to clink on over to further delve into the wonderful world of our furry felines bearing witness to our most private of moments.

For Real
A search on Google for "Cats Watching You Have Sex" turns a number of serious or tongue-in-cheek write-ups.

VICE - Mar 10/2013
Is It Weird When Pets Watch You Have Sex? by Kat George
I used to date a guy who had a beautiful gray cat, and as a cat mommy myself, it pleased me to no end that I’d found a cat daddy to copulate with. That was until, mid-coitus, I found myself face to face with said pussy. As I eyeballed the cat that was sitting on the bed, mere inches from my face, staring me down while his daddy pounded me, I started to feel strangely uneasy.

HappyPlace - Feb 26/2013

So much for your sex tape...


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