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Duo MainTenanT

Uploaded on May 8, 2010 by DuoMainTenanT
Duo MainTenanT - Benissimo

Ludivine Furnon (born October 4, 1980 in Nîmes) is a retired Olympic athlete from France. She was the first French female gymnast to ever win a medal at the World Gymnastics Championships. -Wikipedia

Nicolas Besnard developed his art at National Circus School and at the University of Dance of Montreal. He has performed all around the globe and has appeared in many different TV shows. He also won the Silver Medal in Paris at the most recognized Circus Festival in the world – 31st Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain and made it to the finals of French Got Talent. -BajaArtists

The two athletes teamed up to perform in the French version of Got Talent, La France a un incroyable talent, in 2010 and placed 6th.

Uploaded on May 8, 2010 by DuoMainTenanT
Duo MainTenanT - Salto Natale

Quite stunning performances: grace, strength, and eroticism. It is amazing to see what the human body can do, and it is inspiring to see what two bodies can do together. It's idealised, of course, but it does make me think of passion between woman and man.


* This seems to be called acrobatic dance or acro dance.
* There have been (and still are) a number of "duos" in the world of acro dance: Duo Flame, Duo Realis, etc.
* Nicolas Besnard has subsequently teamed up with Shenea Booth under the name Duo MainTenanT.

YouTube channel: Duo MainTenanT

Facebook: Ludivine Furnon

Facebook: Nicolas Besnard

YouTube: Ludivine Furnon - 1995 Worlds EF - Floor Exercise

YouTube: Ludivine Furnon - The Life of an olympian and performer.


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