Saturday 31 January 2015

Death by Scrabble

Vimeo: Death by Scrabble from Luke Davies
Death By Scrabble is an insight into the mind of a disgruntled young husband, forced into a mind numbing game of scrabble with his wife. As the game progresses, our protagonist’s thoughts grow more sinister by the second. Un-amused and unpredictable, Fredrick Scheike is more than just misogynistic, and perhaps it is this that blinds him to what is really going on.
Directed by Luke Davies
Based on the short story "Death by Scrabble" by Charlie Fish


East of the Web Short Stories: Death by Scrabble by Charlie Fish
It's a hot day and I hate my wife. We're playing Scrabble. That's how bad it is. I'm 42 years old, it's a blistering hot Sunday afternoon and all I can think of to do with my life is to play Scrabble.

Charlie Fish: Biography
Charlie Fish is a popular short story writer and screenwriter. His short stories have been published in several countries and inspired dozens of short film adaptations. Since 1996, he has edited, the longest-running short story site on the web. He was born in Mount Kisco, New York in 1980; and now lives in south London with his wife and daughters.

Fiction on the Web by Charlie Fish
FICTION on the WEB is a labour of love. Every single story on here is hand-picked and carefully edited by me. I don’t have a staff, and I don’t make any money. I do this because I want to give authors a chance to get their work out there, and I love sharing great stories with the world. FICTION on the WEB has been online since 1996, which makes it the oldest short stories website on the Internet. Hundreds of stories have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers. This new incarnation of the site aims to take advantage of the latest trends in connectivity while keeping things nice and simple.

East of the Web Short Stories: Charlie Fish, author

YouTube: "Death by Scrabble" "Charlie Fish"
It is surprising to see the number of people who have made their own video interpretation of Death by Scrabble. Mr. Fish's short story inspired a lot of creativity.


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