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BuzzFeed: 14 Sex Facts You Won't Believe Are True

Published on Apr 26, 2014 by BuzzFeedVideo
Corn Flakes will never be the same.

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HuffingtonPost Lifestyle - Jan 25/2014
20 Sex, Penis And Vagina Facts That Will Blow You Away (No Pun Intended) By Poorna Bell

5. Reports claim that the highest number of orgasms experienced by a woman in an hour is 134; by a man, 16.
[I believe that females are physically capable of more orgasms than men. A man's orgasm is directly tied to the amount of ejaculate available. Deplete the supply and the refractory period increases. Nevertheless, if a man delays orgasm/ejaculation, he can sustain his sexual arousal as long as a woman's.]

20. On a biological level, men have evolved to focus on the features of a woman that suggest fertility – large breasts, a small waist and full hips indicate that a woman is young, healthy and probably not already pregnant.
[No pressure. But seriously, we men do have a brain and are not completely tied to the visual.]

Cosmopolitan - Jan 11/2013
69 crazy-hot sex facts

2. It’s possible for a guy to orgasm and not ejaculate. So if you don’t see any, uh, evidence, that doesn’t mean he’s faking it.
[I have never experienced this in my life. I can have waves of intense pleasure, but I'm not having an orgasm per se. I think the use of this term may be misleading.]

27. His relationship happiness is related to how often he is touched by his girl. So grab away.
[Women apparently have the fantasy of being desired. Guess what? So do men.]

Glamor - Sep 4/2012
11 Sex Facts That Will Blow Your Mind and "Scare the Sh*t Out of You" By Ariane Marder

Fact: The average male orgasm lasts six seconds; the average female orgasm lasts twenty seconds.
[Once again, I believe that females are physically capable of more orgasmic pleasure than men.]

Fact: Orgasms can lower a woman's risk of heart disease, stroke, breast cancer, and depression.
[It has been noted elsewhere that regular orgasms for men supposedly reduces their risk of prostate cancer. Yea! Sex is good for you.]

Women's Day - Sep 8/2010
8 Sexy Ways to Burn Calories By Sarah Jio
Sex—and smooching and snuggling and everything else on the spectrum—is great for your relationship and happiness, but intimate time with your sweetie is also terrific for your physical health. Not only does that “loving feeling” get your heart rate up, it can burn some serious calories, too!


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