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BuzzFeed: Weird Facts About Women

Published on Sep 23, 2013 by BuzzFeedVideo
Fast brains and smelly farts

BuzzFeed provide references for the various points made in their film. I give them credit for doing so, as I take exception to people stating so-called facts which turnout to be nothing more than unsubstantiated opinion. Let's have proof, folks. You can't say stuff without backing it up.

The following two short films are only used briefly in the BuzzFeed video but deserve a full viewing. Each involves a woman disrobing, ah, stripping, but in an artful fashion. An interesting take on what was erotic in another era.

Strip -- The Timid Dressmaker (4:09)
Archive.Org: "La Candide Cousette", The Timid Dressmaker, 1960s French short film
(Even though the woman supposedly disrobes completely, I believe she is wearing something to cover her vulva. A merkin?)

Rasputin And The Princess (7:00)
Archive.Org:Broadway Roadshow Productions (1952), burlesque with Barlett and King
(I'm not sure what this burlesque ballet is to be about, but I note that the woman only partially disrobes.)

Music: Malefique: What a Grrrl

Fact Resources

HowStuffWorks: Do Men and Women Have Different Brains?
... men have slightly bigger brains... Men also have approximately 6.5 times more gray matter in the brain than women... Women have about 10 times more white matter than men do. This difference may account for differences in how men and women think. Men seem to think with their gray matter, which is full of active neurons. Women think with the white matter, which consists more of connections between the neurons. In this way, a woman's brain is a bit more complicated in setup, but those connections may allow a woman's brain to work faster than a man's.

HowStuffWorks: Stuff Mom Never Told You (podcast): Lady Farts

BabyCenter: Is It True That Small-Breasted Moms Produce Less Milk?
No. When it comes to breastfeeding, there's no debate — bigger isn't better. Breast size is irrelevant.

The Independent: The Equatorial Enigma: Why Are More Girls Than Boys Born in the Tropics -- and What Does It Mean?
Scientists have found that the probability of giving birth to a baby girl rather than a baby boy increases significantly the nearer the mother lives to the equator. Conversely, the higher the latitude – and the further away from the equator – the greater the chances of a woman having a baby boy.

Fox News: Cry Me A River: Why Men And Women Shed Different Tears
Women are biologically wired to shed tears more than men. Under a microscope, cells of female tear glands look different than men's. Also, the male tear duct is larger than the female's, so if a man and a woman both tear up, the woman's tears will spill onto her cheeks quicker.

YouTube: We Were All Female by AsapScience
Dear Gentlemen, science has a confession. You were once...a female - which helps to explain where your nipples came from. Watch and learn.


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