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A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age - Feb 9/2015
Photographer Vivienne Maricevic Shoots Naked Men
Interview by Erica Jagger
official web site: She Shoots Men - Vivienne Maricevic

MailOnline - Sep 2/2014
One woman, many men! By Martha Cliff
Ever wondered how different your life could have looked if you had chosen a different partner? For one photographer wondering wasn't enough. Czech photographer, Dita Pepe has spent the past 15 years re-imagining her life with dozens of different partners. In her photography series Self Portraits with Men Dita, 41, places herself in various different domestic scenarios, blending seamlessly into their family portraits.
official web site: Dita Pepe Photography

“These images are part of an ongoing series of portraits of Drag Queens in half drag. With this series my intention is to capture both the male and the alter-ego female side of these subjects in one image. Through the power of hair and makeup these men are able to completely transform themselves and find their female side while simultaneously showing their male side." -Leland Bobbé, NYC Photographer

Urban Ghosts - Feb 4/2015
10 Abandoned Villages from the Mountains of Europe and the Middle East
Romagnano al Monte, Italy

Huffington Post - Dec 22/2014
My Class Speech About Slut-Shaming (And What Happened When I Gave It) by Olivia Emin
(Olivia Emin is a 14-year-old girl who goes to school in London and lives with her parents, older brother, and two dogs.)

In English class, I was recently given the assignment to write a persuasive speech on an issue which I felt passionate about. Gender politics is currently a hot topic at my school, but I felt that slut-shaming and the casual use of the word slut (particularly as an insult) is what I needed to express my views on.

#BadTexting #Texting #ParentsTexting #CrazyTexting

Nu à la chevelure, 1943 (photomontage) by Pierre Boucher (1908-2000); article et photos diverses

Leah Schrager @onaartist, New York artist:  art "in which I use my own image"

Published on Feb 2, 2015 by Libertine Video @LibertineVideo
YouTube: 50 Shades in 50 Lines


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my blog: Animated GIFs - Mar 19/2014

my blog: Cinemagraph: The Work of Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck - Mar 23/2014
Cinemagraphs are still photographs in which a minor and repeated movement occurs. Cinemagraphs, which are usually published in an animated GIF format, can give the illusion that the viewer is watching a video.

my blog: Seeing New York City Through the Eyes of Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck - Mar 24/2014

my blog: Animating Still Photos - Mar 27/2014
When I think of an animated GIF, I immediately think of a mini-video: either an extract from an actual video looping over and over, or something like a cartoon where several frames are presented one after another to give the illusion of movement. Recently, I discovered that people had found the means to add movement to a still photograph with stunning results.

my blog: More Animation - Dec 11/2014


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