Thursday 23 December 2010

Salman Hossain: Our favourite Jew-hater is back!

Yes, folks. Mr. Anti-Semite is back and he's bringing his crazy, distorted message of genocidal hatred to the masses or at least to anybody who will listen. Filthy Jewish Terrorist is back on-line!

N.B. As of this writing (Thursday, December 22, 2010 at 7:30am EST), the web site is up but the question is whether or not the Swiss web hosting company will want to continue the growing heat as complaints about the content begin to pile up. I am not going to be surprised if this disappears again.

To recap
Salman An-Noor Hossain, 25, is a Canadian from Mississauga, originally a native of Bangladesh. About two years ago, he got it in his head to start spreading this bizarre anti-Semitic message while a student at University of Toronto at Mississauga. This so enraged the community, a Facebook group was started against him and UTM eventually suspended him. (see my blog: Spit Take: Here? In Canada? - July 8, 2010) The police were about to charge him under Canada's hate crimes laws when he left the country.

Lobbying by the Attorney General of Ontario managed to convince an America web hosting company to close down the web site and Salman has been out of circulation since then. (see my blog Salman Hossain: Update - August 11, 2010) But he's back, baby!

According to my research, Mr. Hossain seems to have found himself a place in Switzerland.!

Registrant Name:Albisser  Paul
Registrant Organization:Albisser Paul
Registrant Street1:Tribschenstrasse 48
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Luzern
Registrant State/Province:Luzern
Registrant Postal Code:6005
Registrant Country:CH
Registrant Phone:+41.41413601540
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:+41.41413601540
Registrant FAX Ext.:

As a curiosity, I looked up the web site and it seems to be a service which offers anonymous email and anonymous web hosting. Gosh, now I wonder what you would be doing that would require you to hide your origins? I have no idea who Paul Albisser is.

The hilarious legal disclaimer
Reading over the site's various articles which have a truly bizarre view of the world leave me somewhat startled by the focused, fanatical racism espoused by its author. Then, in a comical turn of wanting to suck and blow, of playing the innocent in this Machiavellian end run round Canada's laws against hate crimes by using the Internet from an international location, Salman issues this legal disclaimer:
FilthyJewishTerrorists.ORG is the largest web site in the world, hosting educational information for the 6.5 billion people on Earth about 5,800 years of International Jewish Terrorism. Our web site does not advocate terrorism or genocide against any people. All information on this site is for informational purposes only. It offers solutions to the problems that we as human beings face daily from the near destruction of our eternal survival against the Jewish onslaught. With that in mind, this website is both pro-active and reactionary against the Jewish plots for world domination and the permanent destruction of the human species. With that in mind, it must be stated that any statements made by the various authors in this website must be done with the pure intent of eliminating the world’s greatest problem that we are currently facing. This web site does not break any of the laws of the United States of America.

For informational purposes only? Does not break any laws of the United States of America? Can we falsely yell "Fire!" in a crowded theatre then in the ensuing panic say, "Hey! It's not my fault you believed me."? See my blog Freedom of Speech: Freedom to say anything?

Subverted Nation by Adam Austin
There has been the suggestion that some if not all of the content of Salman's web site has actually been written by one Adam Austin, an American who runs the web site Subverted Nation. While I can't say this is true, I can certainly say that the content of Mr. Austin's web site is similar.
Subverted Nation is the place to go for hard hitting, no holds barred analysis of current and past events relating to, what many deem, the jewish question, but this is not the question…it is the only answer. This is indeed the one true enemy of mankind, and all that stands for good. So here, they are given no quarter, as they have never given quarter to any peoples throughout history. Undermining whole nations, committing genocide against their peoples, ritually murdering their children. They bring with them viscious depravity in the place of morality, and deeming themselves god’s to rule over humanity, they leave nothing to question. The mission behind Subverted Nation is to disseminate information, in a fashion unlike all other outlets for news pertaining to the “jewish question”. Subverted Nation exposes to the American people how our country has been undermined, by a parasite that eats away at it’s hosts until it is bled dry.
Why would I call for a “final solution” of death to all jews and followers of judaism, cabala, and the like?
I am NOT advocating violence or BREAKING ANY LAWS. Let’s get that disclaimer out there before someone gets a hair up their ass to bother me about what I’m saying. Again, I am merely stating the FACTS to you as they ARE and as they ALWAYS WILL BE, and I am doing so well within the law. In fact, I would LOVE NOTHING MORE than for our military and law enforcement to CARRY OUT THESE TASKS LAWFULLY, but they will not because they are controlled by the jew owned media and hollywood, not to mention they (just like the so-called truth movement) are LEAD BY THE JEW.

As with Hossain's disclaimer, Mr. Austin wants to suck and blow by promoting hatred but then saying he's not promoting violence.

Have a look at my blog Anti-Abortionists: Murder by Proxy where I describe how the extremists in anti-abortion movement in the States have taken to publishing information about doctors including their home address, car licence plates and work schedule with the idea that somebody out there, some nutbar will do their dirty work by killing the doctor. And it seems to work too! See my blog The Face of Anti-Abortionists: Neal Horsley for a description of one person who uses this technique of intimidation.

Final Word
I have witnessed people "flip". That is, they sort of go insane, insane in the sense they take on some sort of belief which defies logic, goes against common sense and is generally at odds with anything anybody would define as logical. I suppose a psychiatrist would have a field day with this one but since the person isn't totally nuts, I guess we can't really lock them up or send them off for a 30 day stay in the Betty Ford Anti-Racist Clinic. Certainly part of this is the mind of a person who wants to do something in defiance of authority. He wants to thumb his nose at the world saying, "You can't tell me what not to do."

The dribble espoused on the web site is ridiculous. The ideas are so moronic that they don't even merit comment. However believe me that Salman is not alone. In my blog Freedom of Speech: Freedom to say anything? I discover a number of web sites whose message of hate, wrapped in the idea of Freedom of Speech is perplexing in its lack of insight. Are these my 15 minutes of fame? Am I going to waste them by doing something truly stupid, something which isn't a great contribution to humanity but is a sick, warped attempt to leave a legacy of damage?

Yes, in my blog My 15 Minutes I say that I hope I do something good and not bad when my time comes. Mr. Hossain seems to have chosen the latter but the joke of it all is summed up at the end of my article. For all his mad ravings, for all his vitriolic, lunatic spoutings, just how many of us are going to pay attention in the long run?

In the future; everyone will be famous to fifteen people.


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my blog: Salman Hossain: Update - August 11, 2010

my blog: Spit Take: Here? In Canada? - July 8, 2010


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Postscript: December 26, 2010
The above blog was reprinted in Oye! Times, an online newspaper. The article received the following comment from none other than Mr. Adam Austin himself:

Adam Austin 2010-12-26 22:06
I am Adam Austin and I stand behind every word on my website. I built Hossain's website, and it's up to him to stand behind what he has to say. The jews are a race of hateful, murderous, racist, even GENODICAL maniacs, as history PROVES. For their crimes against humanity, they should be WIPED OUT. In return for the 60 million Russians murdered by JEWS, we'll take 60 million jews. In return for the 10 million Ukrainians starved to death by JEWS, we'll hang 10 million jews. For the 3 million Armenians murdered by JEWS, we will hang 3 million jews. After a few THOUSAND years of genocide, nation wrecking, espionage, treason, rape, ritual murder, blood libel, and on and on and on, the jews deserve everything they get. After America's JEW ENGINEERED financial collapse, it's a wonder jews are swinging by the neck already. The world will NEVER FORGET, and the jews will eventually pay.

No rebuttal is necessary. Mr. Austin speaks for himself.

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