Friday 10 December 2010

Sex on Facebook and Twitter

As a blogger, I am shamelessly looking for ways to promote myself. Yeah, my thoughts are important to me and maybe the rest of the world needs to find out just how important those thoughts are! ... Sorry, I do get a little self-absorbed at times. "Hi, how am I?"

I discovered there are various apps which set up feeds from a blog to Facebook or Twitter. Ah, cool! So I set up one for each.

Here's me on Facebook:

And here's me on Twitter:

As you can see, the entries in Facebook and Twitter are merely a summary of my blog entries with a link back to the original entry. What's nifty for me is that all I have to do is publish a new blog entry then a short time later, the app kicks in, reads my new entry and updates my Facebook account and my Twitter account. I don't have to do anything; it's all automatic.

Of course, now that I've done this, what does it mean? Do I now have people beating down my virtual door attracted by my literary skills and transfixed at my pearls of wisdom? Hardly. In fact, I wonder if anybody has run across my stuff on either one of these social networks at all. Certainly the number of page views per day of my blog is still nothing to write home about. I remain a legend in my own mind.

However I have had a few callers which have turned out to be odd to say the least. On Facebook, I have had 2 so called females soliciting me for what I can only guess would be a "good time" and on Twitter, I've now had 8 other so called females offering their own "personal video". Are these being sent out one at a time by a human being or is there some sort of robot which is capable of finding then contacting the various accounts in these two systems? I like to think I'm popular but I know I'm not that popular like a rock star to have totally unknown females throwing themselves at my feet. Let's not forget that if you change just one consonant in "spam", you end up with "scam". A fool and his money are soon parted. A fool with a libido and his money are soon parted.

The first Facebook message with the picture of a cute young girl called Estelle Gonzalez was (I left in the spelling errors):

just seen you online and i want to say, damn u are cute! and i will give you my addy so you can IM me
lets talk for a lil bit just to have soem fun lol
just bored and dont have anything to do lol
so just say you are William Belle from facebook and well you know.. i know is you lol :)

What? How did anybody even find me? The account is so new I can't even imagine how anybody could run across my name by chance.

Block sender. [chuckles] I just looked back on this message - it's now 6 weeks later - and the picture is gone and there seems to be no account anymore. I guess if you don't catch any fish, you take your line out of the water and go home.

Just now in my Gmail account, I have received an email entitled, "Marla is now following you on Twitter!" I open the email and read the following

Marla (@Marlame56) is now following your tweets (@wqbelle) on Twitter.
You do not follow Marla.
What's Next?
    * • Find out more about Marla on @Marlame56's profile page.
    * • Send Marla an @ reply.
    * • Send Marla a direct message.
If you believe Marla is engaging in abusive behavior on Twitter, you may report Marla for spam.

I go to my Twitter account and look at my "followers". Sure enough, there is an entry marked Marlame56 telling me to go see "My - new super-sexy video _ -".

For starters, I'm not interested. Second, this has to be about 10th time I have received one of these emails in the past 2 weeks. One evening I had 4 of them over the space of 2 hours. Brittneysa57, Elizabethwi48, Jessica5476, Agnespu27, Glendaki33, they just keep showing up all with references about their new super-sexy video. Just a tad annoying.

Final Word
The sex sellers are everywhere. Gawd, they're in my email - although Gmail does some great blocking - and now in Facebook and Twitter. Stop it! No more "super-sexy videos"! Give me a break!

Hmmm, does IM actually stand for I masturbate?

In the past couple of days, I have got up in the morning to find some emails in Gmail telling me that so-and-so is following me in Twitter. I go look at my account and don't find any new names. I go back to the email and click on the name to discover that the account has been suspended. Ha! Obviously somebody else has reported this spammer and they are now toast.

Open Salon
There's another blogging system called Open Salon. I discovered they also have an automatic connector from my blog to their system. I've set it up and now all my blog entries are also posted into this system. Yes, it is merely a copy of my blog but hopefully it may get me a little more exposure.


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