Tuesday 19 April 2011

It's a beautiful day if you can see it

Purplefeather is a marketing company in the United Kingdom. In early 2010, they produced a short film designed to show the power of words and how changing those words could radically change your message and the effect you could potentially have on the world. It's an interesting little story and the surprise ending is, well, surprising and certainly makes you think twice about how you frame your message. The meaning remains the same but the delivery changes whether or not you manage to capture the attention of your audience. It's a well done clip with a touch of feel good about it.

Uploaded by purplecontent on Feb 23, 2010
The Power of Words
This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. (Created by Purplefeather Marketing)

PurpleFeather Marketing
Why Purplefeather?
I was working for a large newspaper group and contemplating a complete career change in the year 2000 when I decided to test this ‘law of attraction’ that I’d been reading about. So I visualised the most improbable item I could think of - a purple feather - and set the challenge that if it showed up in my life within a week, I would start my own copywriting business.

Exactly a week later, just as I’d dismissed it all as new age bunkum, I looked across the room to see the exact replica of the purple feather I’d visualised, balanced on the windowsill! After I started breathing again, I walked across for a closer look and realised it was actually a leaf. But by then it was too late. In the journey across the room I’d already made up my mind. Purplefeather was born that day.

Wikipedia: Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction is a metaphysical New Thought belief that "like attracts like”, that positive and negative thinking bring about positive and negative physical results, respectively. According to the Law of Attraction, the phrase "I need more money" allows the subject to continue to "need more money". If the subject wants to change this they would focus their thoughts on the goal (having more money) rather than the problem (needing more money). This might take the form of phrases such as "I have as much money as i need" or "I have a job that pays very well".

Power of the Mind - March 13/2010
Anyone Can Achieve Success: No Such Thing as Luck by Shawn Tekelani
Thoughts are very important. You can achieve anything that you can mentaly conceive by universal law. But unfortunately we live in a world full of doubters... Let me ask you a question. There are 6 billion people in this world, how many people can you point out (adults not little children) or  do you think  exist, who believe that they can achieve extra-ordinary things that are perceived as being improbable while their current life conditions are not reflecting that or if it has never been done before? Most of us don’t ever genuinely reach such levels of optimism.
So how can we generalize that certain things are impossible and improbable regardless of what attitude and approach we take, just because most people can’t accomplish them, if almost no one ever tries or puts out a legitimate effort?
Enlarge your vision today. Think bigger than you ever thought. You create your life. Instead of limiting yourself, be bold and proclaim that you are capable of achieving or having whatever it is that you want. I promise you that if you can genuinely and consistently maintain this optimism no matter what happens or comes your way, you will change yourself and eventually have what you want.

Change your thoughts and you change your world.
- Norman Vincent Peale, US clergyman (1898 - 1993)


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Unknown said...

i really believe the power of my mind helped me through my brain injury to where i am now.

i thought i'd be better in 2 weeks. took a little longer, but after 2.5 years, i'm almost back to work :)