Tuesday 19 April 2011

Supertramp: Downstream

Took a boat Sunday, down by the sea
It just felt so nice, you and me
We didn't have a problem or a care
And all around was silence, everywhere

You are the reason I was born
Be with you through all seasons
I'll always hear you when you call
We'll keep the love light shining
Through each night and day
A lonely life behind me
Oh what a change you've made

So down here on the ocean we will stay
Went through a lot of changes
Turned a lot of pages
When I took a boat Sunday

To know you as I know you now
That is all I need
And we will get along somehow
If we both believe

So down here on the ocean we will stay
Went through a lot of changes
Turned a lot of pages
When I took a boat Sunday

Uploaded on Nov 1, 2009 by Umberto Carola

Wikipedia: Even in the Quietest Moments... (album)
Even in the Quietest Moments... is the fifth album by progressive rock band Supertramp, released in April 1977... Even in the Quietest Moments reached #16 on the Billboard Pop Albums Charts in 1977 and within a few months of release became Supertramp's first Gold (500,000 copies or more) selling album in the US thanks to "Give a Little Bit" being a US Top 20 single and reaching number 29 on the UK Singles chart... The cover photo is not doctored - a grand piano was placed on a mountain top at a ski area near Caribou Ranch Studios, covered with snow and photographed. The sheet music on the piano, though titled "Fool's Overture", actually plays the Star-Spangled Banner.

Wikipedia: Supertramp
Supertramp are a British band whose music has spanned the genres of rock, progressive rock, and art rock. The band's work is marked by the use of spiritual and philosophical lyrics and the distinctive voice of co-founder Roger Hodgson, who appeared on the majority of the band's biggest hit singles. They were also well known for their prominent use of the Wurlitzer electric piano and saxophone. While the band garnered little respect from some music critics, they enjoyed considerable commercial success, releasing a series of top-selling albums in the 1970s and early 1980s; 1979's Breakfast in America, their most popular album, had sold more than 18 million copies by 1990.

Sounds good on a 1910 Heintzman upright grand piano.


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isn't it a great song?