Thursday 20 February 2014

Bud Lite, Lip Balm, Tongue & Cheek, and Batteries for my Watch

Uploaded on Feb 1, 2009 by razzledog
Bud Light TV spot not shown on Super Bowl 2009
Made for the web. Never aired on TV. Convenience store buyer of Bud Light adds a little something extra to his purchase...

The Inspiration Room - Feb 10/2009
Bud Light Magazine Buyer by Duncan Macleod

Anheuser Busch presents us with “Magazine Buyer”, a tongue in cheek commercial designed for the internet only. The 90 second advertisement presents us with a self conscious Bud Light buyer who unwittingly becomes branded as the Porno Guy.

Jim Scott, a 20-something guy, grabs a six pack of his favorite beverage, Bud Light from Anheuser Busch, only to be asked by the cashier, “Just a Bud Light, huh?” Slightly embarrassed, he looks around and adds a few items to his shopping list, a lip balm, a copy of Tongue and Cheeks, and some batteries for his watch. Unfortunately for our hero, the woman has to ask her husband where they keep this particular piece of porno. Just as Jim receives his magazine, in comes Heather, the girl he last saw at the school prom. It gets worse though. The magazine comes with a free copy of Pink Slips, and a pocket vibrator or a 12 inch dick – free. Could it get worse? Yes, if worse involves becoming a hostage in an armed hold up, and appearing on national TV and named as a porn buyer.

Geesh, can't a guy buy some porn without it turning into a big deal? God, I hate it when this happens to me.

Wikipedia: Tongue-in-cheek
Tongue-in-cheek is a figure of speech used to imply that a statement or other production is humorously or otherwise not seriously intended, and it should not be taken at face value.


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