Saturday 8 February 2014

Rob Ford inspires yet another Top Ten

Published on Jan 24, 2014 by Dx Flash

David Letterman: Top Ten Things Rob Ford Might Be Saying In This Video

(Wednesday, January 22, 2014)

10. "Welcome to my office"

9. "This is one of those 'drunken stupors' I referred to"

8. "Which way is the counter?"

7. "This is my final cry for help"

6. "I've been hanging out in the blimp hangar with Shimul"

5. "Damn right, I want that super-sized"

4. "I'm more wasted than the 'Wolf of Wall Street'"

3. "Where's Bieber with my weed?"

2. "How am I not in prison?"

1. "Where's your crack-smoking section?"


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